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Alamo CVS Store Robbed Saturday


Police are looking for a man, reportedly armed, who robbed the CVS location at 3158 Danville Boulevard in Alamo Saturday.

The robbery occurred at approximately 7:13 p.m. with witnesses describing a white, possibly Hispanic male in his 20s wearing a ski mask, gloves and hoodie entering the store and holding up a sign informing cashiers he had a weapon. No weapon was believed seen, however.

The thief demanded cash from the register and left when he got it, stuffing the money into a black backpack and leaving the area in what witnesses said was a waiting grey Audi A6, backed into a space and with another masked driver behind the wheel.

Witnesses estimated the pair were “in, out, and on the freeway” within a minute.

No one was hurt during the commission of the robbery.


    • As a reserve, do you just go after whomever you want? Isn’t there supposed to be some sort of structure, leadership? Accountability?

      • david,

        If you don’t remember, I am retired.

        When active, you have to follow all department procedures, report to supervisors (both reserves and full time) and file reports. And, you were not encouraged to get involved in off duty incidents, allow I was involved in three very good ones.

        Now, as a private citizen I get to do whatever I want, as long as I stay within boundaries.


  1. You work hard, save a little money, ok…a lot of money, and you get a nice ride like an A6. Or, you just take it.

  2. I pulled in to the lot as this guy went in. Ski mask, black gloves. I decided not to go in. The Audi was backed in to a spot ready to go with another ski masked driver . Before I could call in robbery in progress he was jogging out. Audi had a paper plate that looked like a bunch of handwritten Bs and 8s and no plate in back. Was a new model, dark Grey Audi . They seemed like they were very comfortable doing this and the poor kid inside the store was real shaken up They ran the light at stone valley and then got on 680. They were in and out in under 1 minute.

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