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Locals Gather In Show Of Support For Ukraine Sunday

Photo/Jeff Heyman

Supporters turn out in a show of support for the people of Ukraine at the Lafayette Hillside Crosses Memorial Sunday.


  1. Praying that Putin comes to his senses or is at least scared into stopping the senseless killing of people on both sides.

  2. Who could have imagined that in 2022 we’d be seeing a war in Eastern Europe started by an autocrat leaning on a historical rationale to grab a sovereign neighbor? Where do these fascists come from and how do they get people to follow them? Madness.

    • Unfortunately Russia and the US frequently interfere in the political business of other countries. That said, physically invading a sovereign nation and murdering 1000’s of civilians is another animal entirely. There can be simple conclusions drawn from even the most complex problems.

  3. As Ukraine continues its fight against Russia and Poland continues to find ways to welcome refugees… I think of that convoy of American truckers, upset about something they no longer have to do, and burning up fuel as they drive around in circles.

  4. Irony: A symbol constructed to protest American involvement in wars in Asia is now used to protest American non-involvement in a war in Asia.

    People’s opinions are driven by emotion, not reason. Emotion can lead to some very bad outcomes. Bin Laden played America like a fiddle. Let’s be smarter this time and not get played by anyone.

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