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Pursuit Ends In Crash, Dog Bite, Alleged Attempted Carjacking At Wilder Exit Monday


Two felony suspects led a short caravan of Lamorinda police officers on a high-speed ride along Highway 24 before crashing their Honda on the Wilder onramp west of Orinda Monday.

Witnesses said the two men ran from the car and attempted to elude officers – one allegedly attempting to carjack another vehicle and the other surrendering after he was bitten by a police dog.

Both men were taken into custody at approximately 3:56 p.m.

There were no initial reports of injuries to officers though medical personnel were summoned to treat the dog bite to one suspect.

A car crash on westbound Highway 24 and in the same general area as the pursuit was not believed related to the chase and subsequent police action.


    • I like getting the bad guy. I like it a lot. Still, the idea of sending attack dogs to maim a suspect into submission seems very wrong, especially in light of the flagrant historical abuses of same. This is year 2022 in the enlightenment.

      • I’m sorry David, he deserved it!
        Just watch though, with our upside down justice system he’ll probably get to sue the police for the dog bite and have the dog put to sleep. We’ve totally lost our senses and give the criminal every right and the victim none.
        Criminals know this and this is why they’re going berserk. Cities like Berkeley won’t let the police chase a crook. You can’t tase a crook. You can’t put them in a hold. How in the hell are you supposed to catch them? Or do you let them just continue on the rampage and abuse & hurt the innocent citizens Why do crooks have all these special considerations for them? More than the poor victims for sure! Has it clicked in anyone’s head that this is why we’re having such a crime wave go on and murders at an all-time high?

  1. I was involved in the accident. It was my car that crushed. Obviously, what they are going to say? They are going to say that was not believed related to the chase and subsequent police action but if nothing of this would have happen, I wouldn’t have the accident. I was a victim of those criminals.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments. Yes, I am very glad to be ok. As we all know, material things can be replaced, not our lives, but it is very unfortunate that because of people like them, innocent people suffer. I am a school teacher who lives in San Francisco and works in Bay Point. I was returning after work to go home when suddenly, I saw 4 police officer cars driving very fast in the left lane of the highway. When I saw them, I moved towards the right lane to let them pass and I continued driving.
    Then, the next thing I saw was the police officer cars on the right side of the road where the white car collided, and suddenly without expecting it at all, one police car stopped in the middle of the highway right in front of me, let the driver’s door opened and ran behind the criminals. The car in front of me stopped but I didn’t have time to stop. I was shocked with all what was happening in front of me and also, scared and confused because I didn’t know what was happening.

    When I collided with the car in front of me, the car behind me avoided to run over me, but he hit the same car I hit in the back. That person hit the car and run which is absolutely not ok. Like it is not ok to mention in the article that the accident wasn’t related to the chase. It was related to the chase.

    I have seen police officers stopped traffic in the highway tons of times but they always do it in a way that they let the drivers know that they are going to stop. They zigzag for few minutes before stopping the cars in a fast speed highway. The police officers weren’t thinking in the upcoming traffic in the highway at all; all their focus was directed to the criminals and because of them, I lost my car and as a consequence, I can’t go to work and children are losing academic time with her school teacher.

    I have also seen many times police chases in that way and that exactly point. Please, if you see police cars, be very, very aware and cautious and hopefully, those criminals pay for their actions.


    • Sounds like you got caught up in a “Thunder Run,” Noelia, with suspects making a break for freedom and police in pursuit. Really sorry to hear you lost your car as a result. Thanks for filling us all in on events out there as it certainly had our attention and the attention of the readership when it happened!

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