Home Photos Latest Fire Chars Already-Charred Black Angus In Pleasant Hill Thursday

Latest Fire Chars Already-Charred Black Angus In Pleasant Hill Thursday


In what has become something of a routine for local firefighters the vacant Black Angus building at 3195 N. Main Street in Pleasant Hill caught fire again Thursday, drawing police and firefighters and “Shootin’ Sean” McDonough, who snapped this picture before venturing forth into the night.

The fire, reported at 9:38 p.m., was quickly extinguished by Con Fire crews. An investigator was on scene to help pinpoint the cause of the blaze, which have been set by homeless people in the past.

Our thanks to Sean for the image.


  1. I thought there were plans for this property. Maybe COVID put them on hold or perhaps old age is impacting my memory and I’m wrong about there being plans? A closed, abandoned building rarely works out well for a neighborhood. I hope something is done with the property soon.

    • The last I heard was a Cambria Hotel was supposed to be built there. That was about 3 years ago. I don’t recall seeing any updates.

      I agree, something needs to replace that dilapidated building.

      Taking the building out and leaving a vacant lot would be better, but who’s willing to pay for the demolition?

  2. We are being over built once again! Whether hotel (I heard apartment complex) or whatever it maybe it’s to much. Concord/Plesant Hill does not have but 3 nice dinner locations. My opinion only a little more expensive than Black Angus was.

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