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More Legal Problems For Martinez Mural Pair

A screen grab from a video of the incident filmed July 4.

Two people who came to national attention in 2020 after they filmed themselves attempting to blot out a freshly painted Black Lives Matter street painting in downtown Martinez are now facing additional, unrelated burglary charges according to a story published in the East Bay Times.

Martinez residents David Nelson, 54, and Nicole Anderson, 43, were charged with second-degree burglary after they allegedly entered a home in Walnut Creek “with the intent to commit larceny,” according to court records obtained by the Times. Nelson faces additional charges of possessing methamphetamine for sale, according to the paper.

Nelson and Anderson first came to local attention when video surfaced of the couple filming themselves as they attempted to blot out letters in a city-approved BLM street painting in downtown Martinez on the Fourth of July, 2020. Anderson splattered black paint and daubed at the words with a paint roller while Nelson filmed her, the pair engaging onlookers in a testy dialogue until they left the partially marred mural in a pickup truck with “Nicole” on the tailgate.

Video of the incident garnered national attention and prompted a search for the pair, with Nelson and Anderson charged with violating another person’s civil rights, vandalism and possession of tools to commit vandalism after they were located by authorities.

The pair achieved additional notoriety when their anti-BLM messaging was carried by conservative media outlets who featured them on air.

Nelson and Anderson could not immediately be reached for comment on news of the latest charges against them.


  1. Gee. Do they look like tweekers? Ignorant, angry white people who can’t spell misanthrope. If so, we have a match. They certainly look energetic, don’t they?

  2. Get them a spot on Tucker so we can learn about white humiliation, the danger of critical thinking, and the trouble with books.

  3. Now that they are confirmed tweakers, they’re allowed to break every law without recourse while we compassionately shower them with free goods and services. Am I right?

    • PS: that is correct going by the standard. But since their political views are probably not liberal progressive, they would not qualify. I guess they can’t “check all the boxes”

      • Political views? Is antipathy a political view? Checking boxes? They don’t need no stinking boxes. They are white. I didn’t see video of any beatdown, pepper spraying, or the flash of gunpowder. No, they weren’t showered with “free goods and services”, but with white privilege.

    • I’m sceptical of most movements and fad issues. From Me Too to Back the Blue — they all create a vacuum ripe for abuse and fraud.

    • What is BLM? A non-profit with serious bookkeeping issues? A national movement (in the USA) for social justice? Your primary source for answering these questions is the Daily Mail.UK?

      • Mr. Social Justice Warrior,

        It doesn’t matter what entity publishes the news, where was 24/680?, the fact is criminals are running BLM and you support them, perhaps you belong in jail.


  4. “We need to stand up, we need to get together, all Americans in every city and take to the streets.” (Tucker nodding with Tucker Face in place).

  5. Not a surprise to learn that this couple has a lot of other legal trouble. Rational people don’t do what they did.

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