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Moraga Road Crash Knocks Out Power, Severs Link Between Towns Friday

From "Karen."

One person sustained minor injuries when the car they were in left Moraga Road and hit a power pole between Moraga and Lafayette – effectively severing a critical link between the two towns for several hours.

Crews responding to the 700 block of Moraga Road located a car off the road with live power lines down across the road, making initial attempts at extrication difficult. The injured party was in the rear seat at the time of the crash and is believed to have suffered an injury to the arm.

Police and fire personnel immediately blocked off Moraga Road to facilitate their rescue shortly after the crash was reported at 7:27 p.m. This site received several text messages from readers reporting their power had been knocked out although the PG&E outage site showed less than 50 customers without power.

Moraga Road is expected to be out of commission for several hours.


  1. 1060 were without power per my message from PGE. Estimated fix was for the morning but crews got it fixed amazingly fast before 11pm
    Getting kinda tired of these poles jumping out into the road and causing crashes

  2. We were shopping when your flash came through – and several phones went off all at once. It was a good way to figure out who belongs to the flash……..

  3. We’ll get the hang of this driving thing in another hundred years – if the robots don’t beat us to it first.

  4. With all of the speeders on Moraga Road, Lafayette could add significant revenue by giving a few tickets there. Not unusual to have people going 50 to 60 mph there.

  5. Just came through and they were working on that broken line with the Comcast trucks, Which makes playing why most of Lafayette is without cable service this evening…

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