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Armed Carjacking Attempt Reported In Walnut Creek

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We first Flashed word of what this site had heard was an attempted carjacking near Walnut Heights Elementary School on Sunday and queried a city spokesperson asking for additional details. We did not hear back until police posted this information on a social media page.

Police confirmed our information that an attempted carjacking did occur shortly before 8 p.m. on Sunday, with a Walnut Creek resident sitting in his car waiting to meet a friend when three suspects approached, one of them armed with a handgun, and ordered him out of the car.

The intended victim was able to start his car and drive off, calling for help after reaching a safe location.

The three suspects were described as:

    Black male approximately 17-18 years old, wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt.
    Hispanic male approximately 17-18 years old, wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.
    Black male approximately 17-18 years old with a light complexion. Unknown clothing description.

It was not immediately known if the suspects arrived on foot or had access to another vehicle.


  1. The problem is that this time of news is bad for WC’s image and of course the suspects being POC’s is just bad from a PR perspective. I’m ramming the new training manual down the throat of WCPD, not making friends. Where are the “woke” members of 680/24, hope it happens to them. 108RS

    • Jeff – coupla points:
      You’re known around town and old enough to stand by your posts so we’re prepared to let the less inflammatory stuff stand without the usual reminders about “threatening language,” “racial slurs,” etc. We are not aware of your interaction with WCPD folks but perhaps less “ramming” and more constructive discourse would be preferred, we don’t know – we don’t speak for them though they are certainly present on the site. As for a “woke” readership we’ll just say we find that term horribly overused – almost to the point of triteness – and that it doesn’t really apply to our readers, many of whom lean sharply to the conservative end of the spectrum.

      • 680/24,

        You’ll never hear a racial slur from me, I was fortunate to attend a middle school that had equal representation of all races, I love everyone. But, statistics usually don’t lie about percentages of crimes committed by certain communities, it’s just the way it is, currently.

        As per WCPD, I’ve met some fine individuals, the problem is that it’s impossible to get trained in WC, not enough activity. Now you have leadership who were marginally trained training new officers. Exactly why I warned a female officer not to do something last year and I would up having to pull her from under a car and handcuffing her suspect. Chief Chaplin was a smart and nice man, used to have him in my shop periodically.


      • So Jeff (I’m not a racist, I promise) hoping that his political opposites get car jacked at gunpoint while leaning heavy on his “long ago” ex-volunteer law enforcement jargon lives up to high standards of transparency, disclosure and civility?

        “We promise to maintain high standards of transparency, disclosure and civility on our pages and want our users to know their opinions and ideas are respected and always appreciated.”

        • You’re seeing about a tenth of what we get in a month. Jeff has made his position known in public forums in Walnut Creek and he is a known entity, not someone typing and submitting a comment anonymously. We thought it fair to show that someone with a law enforcement background could have these views. To remove them all merely sterilizes public discourse in our area. Our standards hold, and still apply.

  2. Normally a very quiet area and being right on the WC and unincorporated area probably not frequented by police. At first I’d say it seems suspicious due to location and suspect descriptions but back in Oct. a man walking home from work on Homestead was robbed at gun point of his briefcase and phone by two similar described suspects.

    • Yes, we remember the Homestead incident quite well as we had difficulty confirming it at the time, as well. On your other points we would say it appears the “bad guys” are frequenting “quiet areas” in hope of surprising a victim, striking quickly with little expectation of resistance and then making a clean getaway. It seems to be a tactic the mobile crews are using, though we don’t know that is what happened in this latest instance.

        • It did, after we asked, apparently. We won’t get into it ’cause we’re talking with the key players, but it posted and no one thought/remembered to let us know… Communication can be a difficult thing to achieve, sometimes.

        • @Jeff – I presume you’d agree that WCPD’s resources are better spent investigating this serious, violent crime and on other core law enforcement duties than on social media status updates.

          You know first hand that law enforcement has never been a great profession for people who crave “likes,” Deputy.

          • Would anyone care to take this one? We’re itching to but don’t want to monopolize the thread.

          • Campo,

            In this age where traditional new sources, the newspaper, have virtually disappeared, all law enforcement agencies are utilizing social media. Some have a designated person to post news and respond to comments. 108RS

  3. People sitting in their car waiting for a friend after dark, in a park or school area.. Always sounds a little suspicious to me.
    Could this have been a drug deal going wrong?

    • Don’t Look Up but the sun sets at 5:26 tonight. That’s a little early to be casting aspersions at persons waiting in cars as “suspicious”, no?

  4. Any criminal with a little knowledge would know targeting wealthy residential areas in the Diablo Valley is fish in a barrel. Very limited patrols outside of the downtown areas and almost no patrols in the unincorporated residential areas. By the time it’s dispatched they would be long gone.
    In cities all up and down the 680/24 corridor one hot call or semi major incident basically leaves that city open and uncovered. Just food for thought. The Diablo Valley is changing, it’s not Mayberry anymore, there are people driving through looking for easy targets.

  5. As Truman Capote demonstrated in In Cold Blood, and Woody Allen reminded us in Manhattan or Annie Hall (I forget which) you never know when Dick and Perry are going to show up. So it’s best to be vigilant and lock your doors etc particularly when you’re in a place you think is safe.

  6. Fair enough I guess? Although I am not too sure a nearly 10 year retired “reserve” sheriff in LA is a fair representation of contemporary law enforcement.

    As a known entity, and not entirely anonymous at least, Jeff is using cop lingo and affectation to promote an agenda, and the persona of a tough guy in-the-know, yet buries the lede of being a local financial adviser…which seems very troll like, and not exactly conducive to honest discourse.

    • E.A. Pete,

      I’m not sure what you’re looking for in terms of transparency and disclosure? I have opinions and I share them here on 24/680. I do have a more conservative view on the criminal justice system and have doubts about it’s current state given the officials in charge in our local area. Others here on 24/680 seem pleased with those in power and the corresponding results, the citizens of San Francisco are being given an opportunity to recall their current DA.

      Just the facts man, to paraphrase a famous line from the TV show Dragnet.


    • He claims to have been featured as a security expert in Kpix reporting on the WC and union square flash looting a while ago. I saw the referenced video featuring Jeff H but can’t confirm it is actually the 108BS character.

    Folks, not singling anyone out but we sense some Alpha Male? aggro rising a little in this thread and we want to remind everyone to stay on point and civil, please. No gouging, taunting, or hitting below the belt. Carry on…

    • 24/680,

      What you are seeing above is the outrage of the social justice warrior at someone having a differing opinion, they don’t like free speech. 108RS

      • No, Jeff, we’re seeing people with opinions/beliefs counter to yours or others expressing themselves. And that’s fine, because we believe in the building blocks of this nation and that pesky 1st Amendment. We’re merely asking that they/you do it without all the usual rancor we’ve seen build up in recent years.

      • @Jeff, My comments were entirely rooted in your own words expressing your hopes that folks you consider to be “woke” get car jacked at gun point. I never once maligned or much less commented on your political views.

        If taking a position against the hopes that someone become a victim of a violent crime makes me a “social justice warrior” in the frame of your own vernacular, so be it.

    • No. You can be really, really, really angry but you don’t get a special election for you. Try voicing your opinion in November in a regular election, and be grateful that you, a regular John Smith, have easy access to vote; by design, not everyone does.

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