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Pursuit Ends In Standoff On Moraga Dead-End Saturday


A pursuit through Moraga found its way to the dead end at the eastern end of Donald Drive Saturday, a person in the fleeing car engaging in a brief standoff with police before they were taken into custody.

Officers from multiple local jurisdictions were involved.

The issue appears to have been resolved and we have asked police for insight into who, what, and why. We’ll update this post with that information should it come in.


  1. If you’re going to run from police either know the roads or have GPS. It’s dumb to run from the cops. It’s even dumber to run on a dead end road.

    • Must not have been a local. Even my grandma knows to run for Canyon or the Caldecott whenever she gets into a pursuit……

  2. Where did you get the information about a police chase? I fagged down an officer leaving Donald and he didn’t say there was a chase but didn’t go into detail as to what was happening.

    • At this point it’s anyone’s guess, Robin, as the people with the information aren’t talking – at least to us. The eye/ear witnesses who contacted us reported a pursuit with the police response ending up on the end of Donald. We thought that might merit some explanation from police but that doesn’t appear to be forthcoming.

  3. And Moraga needs to get rid of their PD and contract with the Sheriff. The sleepy little village has big city problems coming and it’s six officers are not prepared or trained for it. 108RS

    • 😆 You do realize Moraga has Sheriff activity too right? Sheriffs activity in Moraga is so poor that Moraga PD ends up responding to serious calls because sheriffs response is pretty much zero. I recall Orinda has learned this the hard way. No thanks.. We’ll keep our PD given no other law enforcement can be bothered to visit Moraga.

      • Moraga has a few streets that are unincorporated and serviced by the Sheriff, yes, response times could be long which is why mutual aid is sometimes requested. But, most of Moraga is within city limits and would be better served as a contract city with the Sheriff. 108RS

  4. The logs reference a speeding/excessive speed incident on Donald/Carroll with a citation given but there sure seemed to bve a lot of police on hand for a speeding ticket.

  5. Crumbs! I actually agree with Jeff on something. The Moraga, and the Orinda, PDs seem increasingly like white elephants. Contracting the Sheriff we’d have a better trained, resourced police department, and it would probably cost less. If it works for Danville (and West Hollywood for that matter), why not Moraga?

    • Actually, Orinda is a contract city, I think the issue there is how much work is Orinda paying for? Lafayette seems to be getting a proper level of service. As per WeHo, I worked there for two years, long before it incorporated. 108RS

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