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WCPD Stop Uncovers Tools Of The Cat Converter Theft Trade; Crew Arrested

Photo: WCPD

So many victims of the recent rash of catalytic converter thefts in the 24/680 said they were first tipped that their vehicle was under attack when they heard the sound of a reciprocating saw at work under their vehicle.

By the time most folks rub the sleep out of their eyes and get a robe on the thief or thieves have made their escape with the treasured device and its store of precious minerals and the car owner is left with a mutilated vehicle and a big repair bill.

Some of those willing to dive under a car in the dead of night are becoming known to police and apparently that’s what happened in Walnut Creek a few nights back, when patrol officers on the graveyard shift were signaled by a license plate reader that converter rustlers were in the area.

Officers located a black Lincoln Navigator driving near Oak and Walden roads and stopped it, detaining three people inside and searching the car – where they allegedly found the array of tools depicted above.

Tell-tale saws, extra blades (it pays to come prepared) and gear for siphoning gas was booked into evidence and the three suspects were, we’re told, arrested “for a multitude of property related crimes and sent to the Martinez Detention Facility.”


  1. Ya know, I don’t drive a Lincoln Navigator or anything close to that luxurious. If I did own such posh monstrosity, and I were hard up for cash, I’d trade it for a less luxurious variant (ie, in this case, a Ford Expedition) and implement myriad lifestyle adjustments long before I took to victimizing others.

    First, theft is morally repugnant and tantamount to slavery insomuch thieves deprive victims, involuntarily, of the portion of victims’ productivity (eg, labor income) allocated to purchase stolen goods. (At least armed robbers have the decency to confront their victims and present a choice; an categorically immoral, coercive choice to be sure, but a choice nonetheless.)

    Second, anyone with the motivation to rise before dawn, crawl beneath cars )or houses) and efficiently operate a power tool can earn far more in the building trades — with far less career risk — than pilfering Prius parts.

    Criminal record? No problem! Indeed, every contractor I know routinely hires ex-cons without blinking.

    Why risk injury or arrest?

    • “Hands up!
      “I’m presenting you with a choice, a categorically immoral, coercive choice to be sure, but a choice nonetheless… Stand and Deliver!”

  2. Great work Walnut Creek Police!
    I appreciate all the police departments!
    I only fear is that these criminals will be loose again within a day or so.
    That’s the weak link in the criminal system.
    We honestly got to start locking people up again. So I’m wondering if we should not give way shorter sentences with way worse conditions. No gyms no TV no conjugal visits… And all the rights. Maybe people should serve 1 month in jail with absolutely no TV no sunlight no friends… Made the labor 16 hours a day and only 8 hours for rest. Trust me they would never want to go back to that situation again! Why don’t we try it?

  3. They shoot at people now, is the problem. It just happened in Fremont, Oakland, and it happened recently in the City. Chasing a catalytic converter thief is not safe or smart, no matter how pissed off you are.

  4. O that funnel is for fuel siphoning. I thought it was for when the urge strikes during those long hours under someone elses car.

  5. Catalytic converters thefts would impact far fewer homeowners if people stopped hoarding so much stuff that they can’t park in their garage. The number of people who can’t park in their garage and the number of storage businesses in this area indicate that many people need a lesson on how to have the courage to throw things out or not buy so much junk in the first place.

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