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Retail Theft Task Force Busts An Alleged Fence; Recovers Stolen Goods

Photo: CHP Task Force

On January 16, the CHP’s Organized Retail Crime Task Force carried out an operation in an undisclosed location in the Bay Area, which they say led to the arrest of a known fencing suspect and recovery of stolen merchandise worth an estimated $185,000.

The Organized Retail Crime Task Force (ORCTF) was first organized in 2019, bringing together law enforcement agencies across California. Since 2019, the CHP has participated in 773 investigations, made 240 arrests, and assisted in recovering nearly $19 million in merchandise.


      • I thought it was odd too when Governor Newsom ordered the CHP to come in help solve things.
        Maybe that explains why everybody on the freeway today was going 80 miles an hour!
        I do have great respect for them though.

          • While these individuals are operating in multiple counties and jurisdictions, this is not the first time this has happened, the CHP has never had any responsibility in the past. 108RS

    • This CHP task force has existed before and was reinstated by the recent law signed by the governor to combat these crimes.

  1. All this is great but it’s meaningless as long as criminals are no longer being prosecuted… They get arrested and immediately released with no bail and not surprisingly they don’t show up for court.

    • This is a big part of what the criminal justice promoters have wanted. They got it, but the results still have been a nightmare. But I still don’t see any recalculations going on in their philosophy or execution. Seems they just want to push it further down that same path hoping for a different result. Will only get worse and worse.

    • We have police agencies that refuse to comply with laws and prosecutors who refuse to prosecute crimes. It’s truly a mess.

  2. Saw a tv news report on cutting down on these thefts and new technology the stores were using to stop thieves and it was hilarious. Locks, locking shopping cart wheels, extra training for employees to keep them from getting hurt – it was all pretty laughable. Afraid the train has left that station.

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