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So-Called “Gypsy” Jewelry Thefts Continue; Three In San Ramon Tuesday

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San Ramon PD investigated three cases involving elderly residents targeted for their jewelry yesterday.

In all cases, an Indian female engaged the victims in conversation while draping them in fake jewelry. She then removed it and took the victims’ real jewelry along with it.

In one instance, jewelry worth an estimated $100,000 was reported taken.

Detectives are pursuing leads to identify the responsible. San Ramon police asked that readers pass this information on to family, friends, and loved ones and asked that they be encouraged to walk or exercise with someone else, or if they go out on their own, to leave valuables at home.

As always, call police immediately if you see anything suspicious, using 9-1-1 for an emergency or non-emergency dispatch at 925-973-2779.


  1. Walnut Creek Police have warning signs in the parking lot to 24 Hour Fitness … to potential thieves about potential bait cars. WTH?

    • They have been in play – with some success – for some time now. Posting warnings of their use is a “multiplier” that may accomplish more by way of deterrence than use of the cars themselves. Time and available resources come into play.

  2. It seems weird that the news identified criminal as Indian but failed to mention the victims were also female Indians (I am assuming, as they do wear a lot of gold)

    • I’m not convinced they’re Indian, since we have no photo. The Roma/Gypsies are back in Danville & San Ramon; having hit a few stores & people before they move on. I just saw a group of them at Safeway; stuffing their bags with products.

  3. Thieves here in San Ramon are Roma/Gypsies. They steal from Safeway, Target, & parking lots. They appear for a week or two, then move on. Have seen them stealing first-hand.

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