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Hospital Visit Goes Bad In San Ramon; Pittsburg Woman Arrested After Shoving Nurse

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A disagreement over masking requirements at San Ramon Regional Medical Center escalated into an alleged shoving match and a criminal citation for a 27-year-old Pittsburg woman at the hospital to visit a family member being treated for COVID-19.

San Ramon police were called to the hospital at 10:51 a.m. after an extended family group of 15 arrived to visit a relative around noon Monday. Family members contested a nurse’s request to don masks prior to their visit, one of them allegedly grabbing and shoving a nurse when informed a visit would not be possible unless the family wore masks.

“During their time within the building, one of the visitors pushed a hospital staff member,” San Ramon Police Capt. Cary Goldberg confirmed. “A Citizen’s Arrest was made by that staff member and the visitor was issued a criminal citation for a violation of 243(a)PC (Battery).”

The hospital staffer involved in the incident was reportedly unhurt. It was not immediately known if the family’s wish to visit their relative was eventually accommodated or if they were asked to leave the premises.


  1. How are you going into a hospital to see a person being treated for an infectious disease, and yet you refuse to wear a mask? Pandemic aside, isnt wearing a mask just common sense?

    • Common sense really doesn’t matter. If it’s the rule of the hospital, then you follow it. If you don’t want to follow it then you go home. Frankly, this violent person should have been tased until their shoes fell off.

      • I like it! Then you make the family clean up the mess – the bio hazard team should not have to clean that mess up…

    • Since when in the past when visiting people in the hospital did you ever wear a mask? How about when you were suffering from a cold and you wore a mask? It’s bogus BS, all to control you. Proven, masks don’t work. Your bare hands is what transfe3rs the virus! Touch your face with your bare hands and you’ve transferred the virus to yourself.

      • “Since when in the past when visiting people in the hospital did you ever wear a mask?”

        When you are visiting a ward where persons are immunocompromised. It’s so you don’t, you know, infect them while they’re ultra-vulnerable.

        And, during an epidemic, e.g. “Spanish Flu”, SARS, SARS-covid-2, etc.

        Information is out there for those who seek it.

  2. I’m glad they were arrested!
    You play by the rules especially in a hospital!
    I do understand , a little bit some of the anti-science people, it’s because the science has changed so much on this. Remember we were told in the beginning that there was nothing to worry about, then that masks were not needed, and we were also told that once vaccinated we could not spread it or get it… So “science” has been all over the map on this one too. But yes! Wear your damn mask!

    • Yeah, it’s been confusing because the disease was new and evolving. Facts change, and new facts are acquired, and that continues. “Science” hasn’t changed in the last 24 months. Being anti-science is akin to being anti-knowledge and anti-study, i.e. willful ignorance.

  3. How stupid are you that you think you can get into a hospital of all places without a mask? Was she taken to jail or issued a citation to appear?

  4. I agree, Play by the rules or leave. I wonder if the “extended family group” was also expecting to get in when the hospital has rules on who can visit

    • No, Dr Leana Wen did not say that all masks are nothing but “Facial Decorations”. She argues that CLOTH masks are nothing but facial decorations in light of the very contagious Omicron Variant. You’re “cherry picking” one statement from a very long article.

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