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Fatal Crash On Highway 24 In Orinda Saturday; Other Crashes Reported Through The Morning


One person was killed in a multi-vehicle crash on eastbound Highway 24 before St. Stephens Drive early Saturday, capping a dangerous morning of crashes and high-speed runs throughout the 24/680.

Police and fire personnel in Concord also assisted a pedestrian struck down on Monument Boulevard at Riganti Drive, that person believed to have sustained significant injuries.

The Orinda crash was reported at about 1:33 a.m., with CHP officers advised of a two-vehicle traffic crash on eastbound SR-24, west of St. Stephens Drive. An unoccupied Dodge Challenger was parked on the right shoulder of eastbound SR-24 and a Toyota Avalon, driven by an unrestrained adult male, was traveling eastbound on SR-24 when for reasons unknown the driver allowed his vehicle to leave the roadway onto the shoulder.

The Toyota collided with the rear of the parked Dodge. The Toyota’s driver was pronounced deceased on scene.

Various other crashes, several of them involving multiple vehicles were reported through the morning.

It was not immediately known if icy road conditions contributed to the series of spin outs and collisions as temperatures hovered in the mid-30s.


  1. Ice seems likely. Was also very damp ground vs air temp dew point. Rain starts early morning Sunday we’ll see more high speed super serious wrecks through that stretch of 24 on Sunday-Monday. Speeds being run on that stretch especially in poor conditions are ludicrous.

  2. I didn’t see any ice but there were cars strewn along 24 east last night. There were so many it looked like one big crash. Saw your flash alert when we got home.

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