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Grandparent Charged In Death Of Stanley Middle School Crossing Guard

Ashley Dias with his mother.

MARTINEZ – The Contra Costa Office of the District Attorney has filed misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges against Phyllis Meehan pursuant to Vehicle Code Section 192(c)(1) in the death of Stanley Middle School crossing guard, Ashley Steven Dias.

“This tragic incident has impacted an entire community,” said District Attorney Diana Becton.  “The loss of Ashley Diaz is a solemn reminder that drivers must exercise caution and care when children and pedestrians are present.”

September 8, 2021, Phyllis Meehan was picking her grandson up from Lafayette middle school when she collided with a vehicle and proceeded to accelerate into a crosswalk. Witnesses observed Mr. Dias push a student out of the path of the GMC Yukon before the crossing guard was fatally struck by the driver. The student suffered significant scrapes and bruises. Mr. Dias succumbed to his injuries later that afternoon.


  1. This is a tragedy all the way around. Unless the driver is impaired, charges aren’t usually filed. It’s ruled an accident. I’ll never understand why a young male in his 20s isn’t charged when he’s distracted by his cell phone and hits and kills a football coach on a bicycle in San Ramon/Danville area. Yet a woman in her late 70s is picking up her grandchild from school, hits another vehicle and is facing manslaughter charges. Charge them all or charge none of them. Cherry picking?

    • Yep, remember the kid who was speeding excessively (I think he was also texting, doing like 70mph) on Treat and killed a father and one of his daughters. I don’t think he spent one day in jail.

      • He got maximum sentence 7yrs 8months. Given the recent charges against the parents for extreme negligence. I think his parents were easily prime candidates for this also. As he had documented history of dangerous vehicle use, and the parents gave him access to a deadly machine.

      • Sentenced AS A JUVENILE to 7yrs 8 mos in late 2012 at age 18. Turned 21 in 2015 and would have been due for release under juvenile sentencing after reaching 21, a term of 3 years, per Merc News 2012.

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