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Car Into Martinez CVS Thursday


Lensman Craig Cannon was out and about trying to get some shopping done in Martinez around noon today when the driver of this auto tried to cut in line.

Con Fire crews arrived to check out the shaken driver but no serious injuries were reported.


  1. This seems to be a common theme for CVS, it wasn’t long ago that a similar incident occurred at the CVS in Moraga. To be fair to the driver there were no signs indicating that this wasn’t a drive through…

  2. I think these are always old women going to the CVS for their medicines who step on the gas instead of the brake….. It does seem to happen at drug stores quite a bit.
    I’m sorry, but that seems to be the record.
    It’s been very frightening for them too.

  3. If you eat too many fermented pyracantha berries this time of year, you must might fly into a window. It happens.

  4. hey David, do fermented pyracantha berries work for humans, too? I usually just walk into doors and windows; haven’t driven into one yet!

    • Even in my reckless youth I never brewed up pyracantha berries, so I can’t say. I’ve witnessed many a bird hangover, though.

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