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A Day Of Remembrance… As Our Calendar Gets Ready To Flip


Big Day in our News Bunker. Not only because of the immense history behind the date, but because there’s a lot going on in the 24/680 – even as most households take time off from school and work and ease into preparations for visiting relatives and family feasting.

Reveille arrived bang on the dot as usual this morning as we rose to meet the day, pausing before the display case of folded flags and souvenirs of those close to us who answered the call back in 1941 – so long yet not so long ago. We drifted in a sort of American Beauty reverie as we did the morning business, trying to find our center and an appropriate soundtrack (moving from Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘Moanin’ in the Moonlight’ to Amy Winehouse and, finally, The Stones in Exile).

Neighbors in Orinda warned us not to do what many folks apparently do – leave their garage door openers in cars parked on the street overnight – after a thief or thieves broke into one such car and used the opener to access the garage, and two very pricey bicycles. So, another thing NOT to do, we know, but forewarned is forearmed as the bad guys get even more brazen.

Perhaps the crooks will take some time off for Christmas with their respective families and don’t you sometimes wonder what that looks like? If Aunt Tess and cousin Mikey know what Jimmy does for a living and if they wonder whether that new DeWalt power drill he gave them for Christmas is legit or hotter than grandma’s dinner rolls? We are left to guess but our minds do wonder what dinner time conversation might sound like.

In the meantime the conservative press and even some international publications are convinced crime is out of control and mobs of brand-crazed Americans are battering down doors and display cases to get those Louis Vuitton handbags most foreigners know they can get for 30 euros on a side trip to Singapore.

We’d like to think our countrymen and women are going through a period of introspection during this seasonal break, hopefully analyzing our current habits and past excesses and planning for our collective future. We also happen to think we need to do some more of that, past our “quick fix” inclinations of mass incarceration, rampant consumerism, trashing of natural resources and inclination to gloss over troubling political movements and – hopefully – come up with something better.

We know we have a lot of work to do and we’re ready to get our hands dirty, bringing the tools the ancestors willed us and praying we can get some things done before it’s too late and time to choose between a Bezos Air, Still-Virgin Branson or Celestial Musk ticket to the Red Planet. Some of us have acquired a claustrophobia in our advancing age and we don’t know if we can do the space helmet thing any more. Remember what happened when Matt Damon went to Mars. No thanks.

Committing to solve the problems of the planet while still on the planet, we’re rolling up our sleeves and gearing up for more coverage of the 24/680 and beyond as communities request our service offerings in their hometowns. We embrace our current successes and are grateful for them. We’re lucky to have an independent small business to pilot and good people to drive it and we like our dress code just fine, thank you, fedoras over spacesuits anytime.

Hang in there with us and we’ll find out if we make it – together.







  1. Introspection for the largely lawful, sure.

    I have an idea of what the holidays look like for the lawless, which includes more booze, cannabis, and other goodies. Hoisted items sold online, or swapped for good bud, or other desires. When the goodies run out, possibly more shenanigans.

    I looked up one female Hooligan on Facebook – ironically, no new posts in several years (deleted?). Her posts from 6, 8, 9 years ago were consistent. Getting high, drunk, and ‘looking for people serious about making a quick $1,000’. [Edited for clarity.]

    “even some international publications are convinced crime is out of control …”

    Well, the murder rate in Stockton has doubled; and up over 65% in Oakland. A Los Angeles Sheriff posted crime statistics – up 60 – 80%; and convictions down 30%?

    Nevertheless enjoyed my morning walk down Market Street in San Francisco. It seems cleaner, “Urban Alchemy” patrol / cleaners out everywhere through Mid Market and public plazas, and even on rough 6th Street near famous Tu Lan restaurant. (Julia Child ate there once.)

      • Must have. Just the menu, and a 2019 Chronicle article recounting the Julia Child visit, the backstop and Chronicle writer. My go-to recommendations there:

        1. Imperial rolls – large, crunchy
        2. #39 – Vietnamese beef cube

        On my first visits the Ginger Chicken was amazing; last few times, more ‘ok’. Unsure why. The front counter is now sadly a to-go serve station. Completely gutted and redone in 2013?

        The Citys higher minimum wage and health care tax have meant a bargain $6.50 entre is now $11.20.

        • Tauntingly close to the newsroom and if you could get there off hours to beat the crowd the food could keep you going for days. Thanks for update… haven’t heard mention of this place in some time. Brought back memories.

  2. “gearing up for more coverage of the 24/680 and beyond”
    Well, you guys have earned it, but hard work begets more hard work. Not the future I’m looking to 🙂

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