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Giving Thanks For All Of You…


This is a big day for us, kicking off a time of year we fancy.

We tend to power things down over the Holidays but a couple of brave staffers have volunteered to put off their Thanksgiving in order to keep an eye on things, so we’ll start by saying we’re thankful for having such a dedicated crew.

This time of year tends to stir a lot of memories, of great people lost as well as our small but still relished victories, with our readership defying current trends and ballooning over the course of a troubled and unprecedented year for us all.

For a small outfit we appear to have stirred things up a time or two, and for a team with a pretty clearly defined area of coverage it’s gratifying when subscribers ask us to broaden our reach and bring what we do to them. We’re doing that when we can and it has been fun.

Also fun and encouraging has been increased use and subscriber engagement with our Flash Alert system, with subscribers exploring its enhanced interactivity and proving yet again that you’re all capable of giving as well as receiving – many worthwhile tips arriving now via The Flash – something for which we’re also thankful.

Grateful to have all of you riding with us and thanks for making it so much fun. A new year approaches, we’re hoping it will be a good one we can all be thankful for!

Have a Good Thanksgiving – and if you wish to give a digital shout-out to someone special this Thanksgiving, drop it in the Comments field below.


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