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Monday Memo: “So, How Was Your Weekend?”


Merchants and residents in the 24/680 – and beyond – got a taste of what a dystopian state looks like when a sizable number of the populace decides to rise up and indulge its taste for jewelry and expensive handbags over the weekend.

Proving that they’re willing to do just about anything to procure these items, dozens of hoodied, mobile retail tourists took to the road and visited a number of local malls and sites of interest – yes, including our local Nordy as well as some marihoochie dispensaries – bringing hammers and crowbars with them to make sure they got what they wanted.

These modern-day criminal guerilla actions did what they were probably intended to do: leave the citizenry stunned and unable to move whilst the thievery was done and, possibly, to send the message “See? We can do this whenever we want.”

Once you get over the level of organization and coordination it must have taken to carry out an action with dozens of actors in play many of us were left wondering “Why?”

Local police cited “intelligence” the piracy was a “planned event,” to which anyone within pepper spray range responded: “Really, ya think?” And we were left to watch as our elected officials sealed off streets and dragged barriers and other sizable objects into place in an effort to curb further visits from the marauders.

Those who draw political lines to, well, just about anything these days attempted to place blame for the raids on our district attorneys, governor, and a certain court verdict back east and any of the myriad of issues that trial raised. Others weren’t so sure, saying there was little to no mention of said case among the Retail Raiders and plenty more: “Move, bro, that’s my handbag…”

Whatever their motivation many of us were left feeling sorry for civic leaders and police who, along with their regular responsibilities must ad “public punching bag” to their CVs, and is there any wonder why we are losing school administrators and other public servants who are tired of being criticized by the howling, shrieking mob. And who would have imagined that mob would be comprised of parents?

Despite settling financial and supply chain issues we’re still living in unsettled times and things were never as unsettled as they were for several minutes in Walnut Creek Saturday night. It’s going to take some thought and good tactical planning to prevent a recurrence and let’s hope the public officials who have stuck it out and not abandoned public life for that trout stream in Oregon can figure it out.

We’ve got work to be done, for sure.


  1. What if they installed panic buttons that lock the front doors and/or gates in the event of an emergency? That worked well for escaping pets back in my pet food supply store days!! 😅

    • We may be headed in that direction, Ally… and some are asking why we’re not there already! Our belief is the powers-that-be aren’t eager to lock a group of bad guys INSIDE a store with the good guys. The thinking was to get them outside, thus reducing the possibility of a hostage scenario. Of course, those smarty pants beagles figured all that out and realized they could stage a break out and get a chew toy reward for behaving…

  2. It’s a dystopian existence our so-called leaders helped create.

    On a micro level, rare is the public official who touts the benefits of Vitamin D (from sun and tablets), Zinc, excercise and weight loss which would help keep Covid at bay.

    Locally, we let Broadway Plaza hoodlums and opportunists run wild last year, encouraging further violence and lawlessness. Sadly, this mirrors our national embrace of Antifa and BLM riots and violence (over 50 deaths). Our boots on the ground are capable, but political leaders allowed lawlessness to explode.

    On top of that, California released thousands of convicted criminals and passed new soft-on-crime measures. The results? A national record increase in homicides (up over 30% according to FBI statistics). Murders in Oakland up over 60%; up over 100% in Stockton.

    Stevie Wonder saw Saturday’s violence coming a mile away. I don’t feel bad for a Woke Police Chief making nearly $250,000 a year.

    This is on top of a Spoontonic killer not indicted, and a gun-firing Main Street patron waltzing out of town. My sympathies lay with seniors, parents, children, and businesses who have to deal with our new self-inflicted realities.

    • Luckily there is…there are multiple effective vaccines for the covid thing. If you need a little bloodletting, barbers don’t do that any more. See your doctor. He may have something more up to date.

    • They parked their cars on Broadway on May 31, 2020 and in the parking lot of my office building on Newell, how is that going to change? Oh, I have the pictures. Oh, several parked behind the Petco on California. 108RS

    • Merchants were “advised” to close early Monday night and the orange berricades went up which is like closing the barn doors after the horses get out if you ask me, but this appears to have really shaken up city hall.

    • Getting a lot of “hot button” commentary that tends to trigger the readership and we’re mindful of the discourse that produces – particularly because such commentary is the No. 1 complaint from readers who would otherwise post. So, yes, we’re being careful – or trying to be. Regards, The Censor

      • Facts get censored.

        BTW, Stoneridge Mall in Pleasanton was also recently looted by approximately 8-10 Hooligans.

        • “Facts get censored.”
          But more likely to go are the half truths, white lies and outright propaganda — as many of the purveyors of such garbage have found out. Even those calling themselves president. People are tired of hearing it and I for one don’t miss it when its removed — as it should be.

  3. I can never blame the police. Wasn’t the WC City Council that cut the Police Funding from the stimulus money? You simply can’t have it both ways. Citizens need a well-trained police force to enforce the laws and apprehend criminals. If you don’t have that, criminals will run roughshod over your city.

    The bottom line is, do the citizens want to live in fear of criminals, or should criminals live in fear of Law Enforcement?

    Sooner or later, some strong-willed people will want to take matters into their own hands. I pray it doesn’t come to that.

    The WC City Council has shown its disdain for Law Enforcement. I hope they change their attitudes. Some people might decide to bring back tar and feathers.

    • I can think of at least one recent example where strong willed people geared up and took matters into their own hands. It didn’t go so well.

      • San Francisco announces names of me Union Square looters arrests.

        KTVU: “The suspects were identified as Jamisi Calloway, 24 of San Francisco; Kimberly Cherry, 28 of San Francisco; Francill White, 53 of San Francisco; Ivan Speed, 34 of Oakland; Tomiko Miller, 23 of Concord; Raynard Jones, 32 of Riverdale, GA; Edward James, 32 of San Francisco; Michael Ray, 27 of San Francisco; and Daron Wilson, 38 of San Francisco.They face an array of charges including burglary, receiving stolen property, and resisting arrest.”

          • It’s a time of great decision for SF, a woke city or a lawless city, my guess is lawless. 108RS

          • The copy cats are now emboldened by Union Square and Walnut Creek looting.

            Oakland – multiple sites, including dispensaries
            Palo Alto – RealReal vintage store
            Los Angeles – The Grove, Nordstrom
            Beverly Hills

            Pushing more people to leave California? An acquaintance says RE prices in Northen Idaho have doubled in one year.

        • Northern Idaho might not be the idyllic spot for white supremacists it was. Richard Butler’s training camp for would-be Nazis was lost in a lawsuit to some of his victims in the 70’s…sort of like what is happening today in Charlottesville to Unite the Right. No worries, plenty of authoritarian-minded folks right here in ultra-liberal Northern California.

          • I have yet to meet little Green Men, or these alleged ‘white supremacists’. There are a few thousand uneducated men living in parents basements, but they pose a limited threat, not even comparable to the Mexicab Mafia, MS13, or even Antifa. A phantom enemy drummed up by Progressives and the legacy media. (The Proud Boys appear to be multi racial, with many Latino and Black leaders.)

  4. Second break in at Stoneridge Mall. Apparently nine Hoodlums broke into the mall around 2 AM, but upon entering saw the interior metal doors protecting a jewelery store, and left.

    I’d figure a mall of that size would have at least 1-2 security on duty to alert police.

  5. @Mark Jones – “Pushing more people to leave California? An acquaintance says RE prices in Northen Idaho have doubled in one year.”

    Here we go again. California is sucky because of politicians the right doesn’t like but can’t get rid of and people are leaving in droves. Except most of those who are moving are those who came to California looking for a piece of the dream in the first place. And yes Idaho is growing (we have land there) but it is also filling up with people looking to build Their Redoubt (google it). More extremist groups, more guns, more right wing politics. Yay. If that’s your bag, along with California-style real estate prices and cold winters — then Idaho’s your new dream home. We’re just hoping more people leave California.

  6. @Mark Jones – Jesus God man… just GO! PLEASE! No one is holding you back. Your endless drumbeating is nauseating.

  7. Thirty Looters clean out a small clothing store Monday in Oakland. It continues.


    BTW, I read elsewhere a retail consultant said many of these robberies are well planned, with specific thefts planned out. Looters can make up to $1,000 cash supplying specific goods.

  8. America is a conservative country. Most Americans are moderate or conservative — maybe 78-80%. Google it. Even in liberal California, only 29% identify as “liberal.” That’s verifiable as well. Liberals will always be outnumbered no matter where you go. And the rest of us are sick of liberals destroying California. When California was a moderate state, we were at the top for education. Let the liberals leave, or at least quit voting for them. Soft on crime brought on this crime wave.

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