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Witness Describes Scene Outside Walnut Creek Nordstrom Saturday


Craig Cannon was in Walnut Creek tonight, talking with people who witnessed the organized looting of the downtown Nordstrom store.

As many as 80 thieves entered the store and robbed it – and patrons – in an apparently coordinated attack.

Three people were treated for minor injuries, including exposure to pepper spray, while police arrested three of the thieves on a variety of charges.


    • Walnut Creek Police caught slow footed – again?

      1. We knew that the SJW and media were hyperventilating over Kenosha.
      2. The verdict was unfavorable to #1.
      3. Union Square was looted Friday night.
      4. WCPD headquarters is blocks away from Nordstrom.
      5. Nordstrom / mall was previously target.

      Can we please discuss firing the Chief of Police and replacing the City Council?

      • Mark J –
        First, we’re not going to take anyone to task, even the police who have the means to defend themselves, for being overwhelmed by 80 masked marauders using overwhelming force, speed, and aggression to loot a store in about a minute. We don’t know how you could have been prepared for that unless you had a platoon of folks in hats and bats stationed outside the store before this happened… but then how do you know it’s going to happen?

        1. We’re not hyperventilating over Kenosha – that went down as we thought it would.
        2. Drawing the usual conclusions… tired but fine. That’s your right.
        3. Yes, it was. Or at least one store was.
        4. Yes, it is.
        5. Again, yes. Plus, they have nice handbags, we hear.

        Re: The Chief and City Council – No one is preventing you from discussing this. In fact, write a letter to the editor under your true name and we’ll run it (unless there are any naughty words, etc. in it). People moan about not being heard or not being able to air their views and you ask them to write a letter doing that and it’s crickets. Soooo…

        • We can agree to disagree. I’m not contending we could stop 80 people, but we could at least try to stop some of it, and punish many. Catch ten, twenty, thirty. Have the stores close early Friday & Saturday night; have another six or ten officers / Sheriffs at the mall. If there are ten police officers already on site, maybe the hoodlums go home. (Show of force.) They tip off their collaborators… police are here. Then ten more local police arrive within minutes. Then mutual aide.

          Make a public statement of such, and that any potential looters will be prosecuted. Monitor social media, we had weeks to prepare. Concord, Antioch, San Ramon aren’t targets. Install exit cameras in the city. You nab 10-20 criminals, you get them to finger the social media sites they used and some collaborators.

          When a grandfather or Mother is unfortunately injured or killed, we can’t say “we didn’t see it coming”. We choose inaction and lawlessness.

  1. So rare to hear a young man give such a cogent accounting of a chaotic situation. I kept waiting for the usual “it looked like a movie” or “O my god…” Good for him. I think we have some work to do in other areas.

  2. These aggressions are emboldened by passive police enforcement. The black gangs are well aware that the police are unlikely to use force against them amidst politically sensitive backdrops and that’s exactly what happened here.

  3. We were just down the street and it was very strange to see. They were very unconcerned a bout the whole thing. They just parked their cars outside and went in and took what they wanted.

  4. Our neighbors happen to be there last night at Broadway plaza. They were very scared…but they thought it was a BLM rally gone bad.

  5. No surprises here. They need to hire the Hells Angels for security. Maybe when a few of these punks are beaten with motorcycle chains and pool cues they’ll learn something. The impotent local authorities can do nothing. Maybe the HA can!

    • Uh, plus the sight of the HA stationed in Women’s Cosmetics would at least make a good picture. Seriously, let’s ask an expert about the idea… “Hello? Mick?”

  6. Perhaps the police can upload surveillance video and post it to this sight and others?? Strike while the iron is still hot!!

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