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Apparent Armed Robbery Team Strikes In Concord, Martinez Thursday Night


A pair of armed robbers, one of them wielding a shotgun, are believed to have struck three locations in Concord and Martinez Thursday, ordering their victims to the floor before making off with an undetermined amount of money.

The pair held up locations in both cities. It was not immediately known if anyone was injured during commission of the crimes.

The suspects were described as Hispanic males, dark clothing and masks, one 25-30 years and armed with a black handgun. His partner has been initially described as 25 years, heavy-set, approximately 5’9″ with a black short-sleeved shirt over a white long-sleeved shirt, a hat and shotgun.

The first robbery took place at 8:19 p.m. with the others following in close order, the latest one apparently the Starbucks on Alhambra Avenue in Martinez. Victims described the encounters as quick and violent, with the robbers ordering their targets to the ground and taking phones and wallets.

The pair were believed to be at large as of early Friday morning.


    • You’re in our heads, Abe! Our man on the scene was saying much the same last night. Hoping no one gets hurt out there…

  1. I bet, just bet, that these were felons that were dumped from prison and/ or running around with criminal warrants against them!
    When will the public be fed up enough to demand the criminals be locked up again???
    Possibly the worsening economy is causing this activity, that will get only much much worse towards Christmas.

    • Agree to a point, Michael. They are showing some moves for such a young pair… plus we don’t like that they’re carrying all that hardware.

  2. Can’t thank News24/680 enough for covering these local crime stories. I don’t see this information anywhere else. What you are doing is essential journalism and invaluable to keeping ourselves, our families and fellow citizens safe as the threats to our collective well-being seem to grow more numerous by the day.

    • Thanks for your very kind words, ASP. Thanks for taking the time to reach out… and thanks for riding with us!

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