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“Ram Raiders” Strike Local Merchants Overnight


Local Ram Raiders – those prone to driving their vehicles into storefronts in order to plunder the contents – were at work in the 24/680 overnight.

A van drove into a liquor and food store in the 600 block of Gregory Lane at about 4:50 a.m. this morning, the raiders stuffing the store’s ATM in their vehicle and escaping.

Pleasant Hill Police are looking for the van but have had no luck so far, that we know of. Earlier, other window smashers happened at an Audi Dealership on Concord Ave and possibly a Chevy Dealership, and burglars wrestled a safe out the back door of a business on Monument Boulevard but eventually abandoned it.

Overall, a rough night for local merchants.


    • Not really, Mark. We use the British term for the crime because it is apt. Many around here remember the Tiffany’s Ram Raid… and others.

        • Can’t say “we” had a hand in it ’cause we didn’t posse up and go galloping off after those dudes but, seriously, it has been so long now we can’t recall if there were arrests. We remember pictures of swapped trucks and clandestine meetings before the raid, etc. We’ll say right now without benefit of Google that they got away.

  1. This is a lesson in why using standalone convenience store ATMs is sometimes not a great idea. Your info is in the card reader, which is now stolen.

    • This is just straight up not true. While standalone ATMs are sometimes targeted for card skimming devices, the ATMs themselves do not store your account data.

  2. Yeah, you gotta be pretty desperate and/or high and stupid to think you’re gonna get drug money out of that atm with a hammer.

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