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Another Water Main Failure – This Time In Alamo


The latest in a recent string of infrastructure failures occurred overnight at Danville Boulevard and Hemme in Alamo as water sluiced down neighborhood streets and down into the gutters yet again as residents fretted about potential damage to their homes.

Local Joe Foster shot this video as the water rose in the neighborhood Friday. Officials working on a fix but, for now, some locals are ironically not getting water service to their homes.

Rancho Romero elementary is closed, as well as the pre-school next door, neighbors report.

This morning’s failure is the third of its kind to occur in recent weeks, with another in Alamo and one in sink hole-shocked Moraga.


  1. It is beyond painfully clear that the Progressive Caucus and Republicans alike need to put on their big boy / girl / transgender panties and pass the code bipartisan infrastructure bill. Holding basic repair and replacement projects hostage because it excludes funding for so-called “green” and “human infrastructure” priorities or might cast a favorable light on the opposition party POTUS is beyond petty; it is overt petulance.

    • Please share your insight into how this break had anything to do with any needed infrastructure.

      Was it in and ebmud repair or upgrade list? Had leaks been noted there in the past?

      Lastly, are you sure EBMUD gets any federal infrastructure dollars?

      • I’m pretty sure that water pipes are infrastructure, and broken pipes don’t deliver clean water. Now, who is in favor of fixing those pipes? It’s not a trick question. Consumers of clean water vote YES. Who votes NO to that? They have names and titles. They are easy to find. They voted to reduce the “tax burden” on the ultrawealthy who pay little in taxes or no taxes at all. Now we have no money!, we are told. So sad. So craven. So corrupt.

        • I actually work for another Bay Area water district. I suggest people check to see not only how public utilities are funded, but also how to use their websites to check which segments are in upcoming upgrade or repair projects….and how your user fees and property tax assessments are spent.

          This segment was not on any lists. The cause of the break is unknown to the public ….it could have been a failed corrosion prevention safe guard, a past repair that was done incorrectly or the cumulative weight from equipment from a recent paving project.

          The new proposed infrastructure bill has over $100bn in water funding, but the majority of that is lead abatement in water transmission systems. The rest is fragmented into specific upgrades….most tied to wastewater treatment and other environmental remediation and monitoring measures.

          Recap…this line wasn’t scheduled for any upgrades or repairs and even if it was, the new proposed infrastructure bill would not have addressed it.

  2. “Sluiced”, nice usage.
    Some residents are certainly getting water to their homes. Just drove past there, it’s an insane amount of water. I’d say blowing up about two feet right in the middle of the road when I went by.

    • Thanks, Jim… “they” say everything comes in threes so this is our hat trick, we guess, after an earlier failure in Alamo and one in Moraga. Good thing we’re not in a drought year! Ahem…

  3. It hurts me to see that lake of water, wasted when I could certainly be using it for my yard! I’ve cut back due to the drought so much that my shrubs and lawn are barely alive. But living here all my life and seeing all these droughts come and go I do believe that next year is going to be a very wet one!
    It’s actually a cyclical as our housing market is here. People will deny it at the time, but it always booms and busts.

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