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Anti-Mandate Protestors March In Walnut Creek Friday

Photo: Christina Churchill

People opposed to vaccine mandates took to the streets of Walnut Creek Friday night as other protests are planned to take place across the Bay Area over the weekend.

About 100 protestors marched through the city’s downtown, chanting and shouting anti-mandate slogans.

People in San Jose were also planning to gather in support of police officers, firefighters and health care workers who have refused to get the vaccine in spite of an on-the-job mandate – and some deaths.


  1. Each adult has to weigh the risks, costs, and benifits. We’re now taling 3 or 4 jabs, and there have also been deaths from the vaccine.

    • I know you probably read that /saw that somewhere, but that is made up. People die every day. Some people die after receiving a tetanus shot. Some people die after reading the news. It’s called coincidence. It happens in cases of large numbers…There are zero documented cases of death caused by covid vaccination. Zero.

      • Reports vary wildly. And some young men are having serious heart issues.

        “UPDATE: As of 2:30 PM CT on July 21, 2021, the CDC’s website modified the number of VAERS reports related to COVID-19 vaccination deaths from 12,313 to 6,079, through July 13, 2021. The CDC’s webpage’s Last Update date remains July 19, 2021.”

    • and more than 705,000 deaths in the US from covid 19 and covid 21 according to worldometer website, which is probably an underestimate. Do the math.

  2. Maybe, possibly 100 people. Maybe 99. Maybe 59. No matter how you slice it, that’s not a robust representation of all the ignorant people out there. It’s kinda sad and oddly comforting at the same time.

  3. They have a right to protest as long as they don’t cause any trouble. They may be misinformed, but they have a right to march.

    • Many of them seemed to be the same people from the El Curtola overpass. The MAGAT hats are disappearing though, that’s a good thing.

  4. I just don’t understand these people and unfortunately I have given up thinking about them very much. All the rest of us can do is to stay educated and keep telling the truth.

  5. Some people fear the vaccine more than Covid. They shouldn’t fear either one. I don’t believe in vaccine mandates. it’s a free country. That being said, if you don’t get vaccinated, there are consequences.

  6. The restaurants and bars need to obey laws in order to stay in business and it’s not an inherent right to have access to these. If you aren’t going to be a contributing member of society and get the vaccine then you will have limitations. Just get it and move on, stop reading and believing all the “news” you read on facebook and rejoin society.

    • Funny you should mention “obeying all laws.” It’s not a law, it’s a health mandate. We’ve been to four restaurants since the ask for ID came about. Not one place asked. They don’t want to alienate their customers and lose business. Businesses are in business to make MONEY. Also, a lot of us are sick of government overreach. We’re a highly vaccinated county. RELAX. I have no problem showing ID if asked, but it’s not happening. Without pushback, and a lot of places are pushing back, this could go on forever. Covid is something we’ll have to live with. Just like the flu. It’s a virus, not the end of the world.

      • Have upgraded YEARLY nationwide death totals even changed? Not a year ago.

        A family friend just “died from Covid”. He was on disability and in very poor health. Diabetic, overweight, high blood pressure, some other issues, couldn’t excercise because of the above factors, plus likely long-term depression. He got Covid and didn’t go in for treatment. It’s sad, but not unexpected.

        And why do we bury proven remedies? (See below.) Why does virtually no one talk about losing weight (obesity the #1 comorbidity), or Vitamin D?

  7. I was carded at multiple restaurants last week in Maui. They are desperate and grateful for tourists, and they are serious when they check, not just for a vax card, but also the dates to ensure it has been at least 2 weeks since the shots.

  8. Went downtown last night and very happily showed my vaccine card without being asked…if you don’t want to get vaccinated stay home, simple…all over a little shot, ridiculous…

    • Why are many doctors and nurses refusing the jab? Why has Congress exempted themselves? Reported deaths from the vaccine vary wildly, even from our ‘official’ sources.

      “UPDATE: As of 2:30 PM CT on July 21, 2021, the CDC’s website modified the number of VAERS reports related to COVID-19 vaccination deaths from 12,313 to 6,079, through July 13, 2021. The CDC’s webpage’s Last Update date remains July 19, 2021.”

      Meanwhile, proven remedies like Ivermectin, HCQ, Vitamin D and monoclonal treatments (see Florida) are buried or ignored.

      • “So many” doctors and nurses…just blatantly false. They aren’t. Just the same % of nut jobs that you are a part of. Get vaccinated so we can continue this regularly scheduled program.

        • John Cunnington : Happiness is Freedom:

          “I taught medical ethics for five years. It is unethical, immoral, and criminal to force people to take medical treatment against their will, whether it be lobotomy, sterilization or experimental injection.”

          From FLGOV.com:

          “Since opening the first state monoclonal antibody site in Florida on August 12th, our state has experienced a more than 50% decrease in hospital admissions. Additionally, there has been a decline in hospital census for 24 consecutive days and COVID-like emergency room visits are down to the lowest point in nearly two months.

          “Micha Siegel, a Boca Raton resident who has received monoclonal antibodies, said, “Three weeks ago, I was fully vaccinated, had a family birthday party at my house, and we all ended up getting sick. I was sick for about two or three days before I got the treatment. The symptoms were… severe headaches, head congestion, colds, low-grade fever, and about 24 hours after [the treatment], it was basically gone. I think [monoclonals] are a great opportunity for everybody to know about whether you were vaccinated or not.” ”

          Florida had huge success with Regeneron (monocolonial antibody treatment), and the Biden Administration has now dramatically reduced supply. Why?

  9. Hawaii is extremely strict. I’ve heard horror stories and “trips that were ruined.” It wouldn’t ruin my trip, but this needs to end. Two year old’s shouldn’t be berated by flight attendants for not wearing a mask. You talk to the parent. Nor should people be cheering when another family gets kicked of a plane. Grow up.

  10. They bill themselves as Pro Freedom Patriots and not anti mandate marchers so their message gets mixed. Some of them are starting to get recognizable – many are the same people from the El Curtola Overpass. Your basic right wingers. I would also bet most of them are vaccinated.

    • This is the far right. I believe they’re unvaccinated. They don’t vax. The far left is just as pathetic. Extremists are a pain in the ass.

      • – Many Latinos and African Americans have chosen not to Vax. Will you smear them?

        – “Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse will temporarily close 22 of its 35 operating rooms starting Monday in anticipation of a growing staff shortage due to New York’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate.”

        • No I will not smear them and I find it odd that you feel it necessary that I do. It comes down to vaxxed or not and racial lines don’t apply.

        • Both of my parents are of European descent. My dad’s family has slight lineage from Spain, hence the Spanish surname. I smear extremists because they’re a threat to democracy.

  11. I think they’re trying to spread their gospel in Danville tonight. The Motherluvving Freedom Luvving Patriots of Contra Costa schtick is pretty funny

  12. That Telegram account they were so proud of was either taken down or privatized within the last 24 hours — probably because many of the so called leaders of this group are teachers – yes, teachers – or identifiable members of the local business community. I don’t know if that’s unnerving or sad or both.

  13. This is a come to Jesus moment for those in public service…in more ways than one. What would Jesus do? Request a waiver?

  14. What? My comment on public service vax mandates from 90 minutes ago is off-topic? off-color? Personal invective? None of the above.

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