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Shooting Reported, One Person Hit, In Unincorporated Walnut Creek Saturday


Police in Walnut Creek are reportedly investigating the latest incident of gun-related violence in their city after two men apparently wearing ski masks and dressed in all black opened fire on people on Roble Road.

The area technically is identified as unincorporated Walnut Creek, with the Sheriff’s Office assuming responsibility for future investigation.

The incident was reported at approximately 11:20 p.m. with one woman suffering a grazing wound. It was not immediately known what initiated the gunfire or how many shots were fired.

Witnesses described the gunmen as armed with a possible AK-47-type weapon and another weapon, possibly a pistol of unknown type.

Police were at the scene gathering evidence and talking to available witnesses. We’ll update this story with additional information as it comes to us.



  1. Additional info on specific location ? Received an e-mail from WCPD advising of “Police Activity” near North Civic Drive and Brio…
    There goes the thought of a peaceful weekend in The Creek

    • Things were popping last night alright, Jeff… separate incidents with the shooting on Roble Road… unincorporated Walnut Creek.

  2. Yes, but four officers could find nothing better to do then stand outside Modern China for two hours. Not exactly the pro-active patrol I was taught how to do. And yes, I did take a photo. 108RS

    • We would caution that there is often first-phase misidentification of weapons used in crimes but, yes, video has surfaced showing a suspect in the Black Bear shooting firing what appears to be an AK.

    • We realize you’re probably having fun but, of course, that is not a descriptor we would/could use. As for the value of a video released 10 DAYS after the incident – we would hope people are able to discern the difference between descriptions given the day of the incident versus one derived from a video released TWO WEEKS after the fact. And, for the record, we asked police for an official accounting of the incident AT THE TIME and were not given the courtesy of a return phone call. So there’s that.

      • She is a female suspect! Surely you can describe this female based upon one of her most identifiable characteristics! Talk about puritan correctness run amok. That’s plain silly. A proper description rules out all men and a lot of women immediately.

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