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Shots Fired In Downtown Walnut Creek Sunday

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A couple challenged for failing to pay their bill at a downtown restaurant Sunday were ejected and left but not before firing  three shots before speeding away, according to witnesses.

Witnesses said two people, described as a heavy-set white female and heavy-set black male, had tried to leave the Modern China Cafe on N. Main – the owner of the restaurant reportedly following the couple to demand, and ultimately get, payment for the meal. Accounts vary, but when the male suspect reached the pair’s car he reportedly pulled out a gun and fired three shots as the black Kia Optima sped off with the woman at the wheel.

The alleged gunman was further described as about 5’4″ tall, wearing a blue Los Angeles Dodgers hat, white t-shirt, blue jeans, and unknown tattoos on his left arm.

The woman was described as a white female adult, heavy set, long brown/blonde hair, unknown tattoo on upper left arm
The female was the driver in this incident. The vehicle is described as a black Kia Optima with limo tinted windows and  damage to the passenger side door panels.

The car, with the woman at the wheel, was last seen heading north on N. Main.

No one was reported hit and there were no arrests. Witnesses said Walnut Creek police were on scene in minutes.


  1. He thinks he’s a foot taller with a gun. Fortunately no one was hit, and fortunately his or her car will be located. No one is anonymous anymore.

        • Thx News 24/680 for the story. I was across the street at 1515 as well as the commenter above.
          I’d swear there were ‘only’ 3 shots.

          Eyewitness accounts are known for being inconsistent; so commenters getting upset about ‘inaccuracies’?

          And everyone near the shots ran, but even sitting across the street people thought it might’ve been a car backfiring.

          Police were there super quickly. Seemed no one called the police until either the bouncer put the alleged perpetrator in a choke hold.

          As for this incident being the fault of ‘soft on crime liberals’ or WC Chief of Police-

          Perhaps common sense gun laws that prevent easy access to guns, so a bouncer/security guard doesn’t have his life threatened over a $50 bill, would contribute to preventing incidents like last night. But the ‘don’t tread on me’ conservatives hug their guns & bibles.
          So….easy there on who you blame.

          • Andrew,

            You live in California, there is no easy access to guns, no loop holes, just registration, pappework and background checks. 108RS

          • Right, gun laws prevent shootings. Just like laws against leaving restaurants without paying prevents dine-and-dashers.
            Tough sentencing prevents crime. Period.

          • Andrew,

            And your story is lacking in transparency, 1515 is not across the street, it is two stores down on the same side as Modern China.


      • No one was hit and your article is completely inaccurate. I was there. 6-7 shots were fired from the car as it drove off towards the direction of the bouncer. The bouncer put the perp in the car via choke hold, as per a witness. Another witness saw the gun being fired from the car. The inaccuracy of this “news report” is disturbing in and of itself.

        • So… “shots fired” doesn’t cover it. We should have said, yesterday, as this was happening, that “Tj says 6-7 shots were fired from the car…” Of course, we’re only just hearing from you now. Others saw things differently. We said from the beginning that no one was believed to have been hit. Apparently, we failed you in our coverage of an incident no one seemed to know about until we posted an account of it happening – yesterday. Sorry it disturbs you.

        • The keyboard warriors are holding the line today boys. “The inaccuracy of this article is disturbing.” How about some applause for the guard risking his life for patrons and people passing by? And talking down on police who literally arrived in 2-3 minutes? Show some GD respect you lazy morons. None of you would run towards the fight. I was there at Havana, a stones throw away, it was 3 consecutive shots TOTAL. Stop arguing numbers and be thankful you and no one else were harmed by these two “heavy-set” losers.

          • I WAS LITERALLY NEXT TO THE CAR WITH THE GUN. I saw the gun. I saw the shots. They’re reporting that the gunmans car was a Kia, that’s not right. The Kia was my car, right next to theirs. I talked to the police as a witness. I know exactly what I heard and saw, a lot closer than Havana, your input is completely irrelevant. How does wanting accurate reporting make anyone lazy or a keyboard warrior?? Your logic is insane and you sound so ignorant. The people pointing out that this is inaccurate info aren’t the same people commenting about police or laws or whatever else is happening on this comment thread. Accurate reporting is needed so take several seats since you think it’s not important.

          • Because Cassandra, this isn’t any form of a Prime Time news outlet, the article clearly states nothing but HEARSAY. But one thing that is CONFIRMED, is no one was hurt including YOU. And Police arrived instantly to help YOU and everyone else nearby. So having a particularly accurate report from a news outlet that is named after 2 intersecting freeways is nowhere near as important as YOUR SAFETY. Which is what you should be thankful for, instead of arguing over semantics.

    • David,

      Not everyone is caught on camera, although in this case they probably will be, plenty of cameras on the intersection of Main & Civic. But, your “woke” attitude really does belong in Portland.

    • Really don’t know what any officer or authority could have done to prevent something like this, Jeff…

      • Not prevent, but do you think WCPD is allowed to stop and question short heavy set African Americans……NO. 108RS.

        • Prior to an incident involving a person of that body type? Are there enough police to question all the people who might commit a crime?

          • 24/680,

            Do you think WCPD is allowed to stop and chat with short heavy set white females or the other suspect description today? NO.


          • Jeff, any idea why Contra Costa DA didn’t file charges against the Spoontonic suspect, identified as 22-year-old Jose Casillas-Flores of Brentwood. One killed, 3 injured, gun & ammo recovered, some w gang ties.

          • This shows your lack of knowledge of the law. WCPD now has PC for stopping short heavyset black men and short heavyset white females, they match the description of the suspects. But our City Council and DA would never let that happen. 108RS

          • Beg your pardon, Jeff, but yes, we know commission of a crime establishes the necessary PC for stop and search of likely suspects. Our point, however, is that you seemed to be arguing for use of stop/question PRIOR to the commission of any crime as a deterrent to crime and that, to us, seemed problematic and where some departments have run afoul of the courts in the past.

    • Yeah, like WC is a remote island, and all police need to do is beat “confessions” out of the usual suspects, and order will naturally ensue in this one locale. You have declared your desire for sterner police measures especially those involving injury requiring medical treatment as a deterrent before charges are ever brought, i.e. street justice. You have derided those who demand professional policing as “woke” as though being awakened is some sort of insult, LOL.

      Your opinion on these matters has been made clear.

      Jeff Jul 20, 2021 at 8:12 am
      He’s lucky that I did not find him. 108RS

      Jeff Aug 4, 2021 at 3:20 pm
      No, although I am part owner of a rare bookstore, thieves just don’t think of us. Also, it would be very bad for their health given my prior law enforcement experience.

      Jeff Aug 10, 2021 at 8:31 am
      Lucky I wasn’t there, he’d be making a visit to county medical first. 108RS

      Jeff Sep 2, 2021 at 1:04 pm
      BITD he would have gotten attitude adjustment at the end of the pursuit. 108RS

      “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”
      Maya Angelou

      Your way of thinking is well-established and no more valid than the first day you showed us who you are.

      • How about we simply enforce the laws?

        When BLM / Antifa pillaged the downtown in broad daylight, including one shooting, it seems like there were few arrests.

        Video showed police slowly marching from the police station to Broadway Plaza, I think in riot gear. They could have been to BP in one minute in their vehicles, and easily could have arrested thieves looting stores, many who appeared to be young women.

        Didn’t that follow with more looting, and now regular gun violence. Million dollar condos and gun violence.

        • Up until the point the gun came out the only crime that we know of was maybe defrauding an innkeeper? I don’t know how “proactive policing” is going to prevent someone from dining and dashing. The business had on site security in play and it sounds like police were there quickly – what are we going to do? Stop and search everyone in a Dodgers hat?

  2. Was next door at 1515 when we all heard shots and started running. Wth has happened to our town? We want it back! Lived her for 25 years and now feel like we can’t be in downtown after dark. Didn’t see one patrol car until the shooting. There is shady activity that takes place at night in the downtown area with all the cruising – loud music, loud cars, heavily tinted windows. WCPD, we’ve got a PROBLEM! Enact a noise ordinance against the loud cars, patrol the streets, have a presence and maybe these thugs will move onto another town. Close down N. Main and Locust streets on weekends after 7pm…that will put an end to some of it. Do something before innocent people are killed!

    • Sadly innocent people are being killed. There’s been two prior (maybe more?) deadly shootings in WC in the past few months. Not to mention the armed robberies of people walking to their car, and the continuous theft in the retail stores. WC is turning into SF. It’s sad, I grew up here and hate to see this awful decline. What I am curious to know the most is, where are the people coming from?? It’s so expensive to live in the Bay Area, I always wonder where these criminals with no regard for human life actually call home.

      • Walnut Creek isn’t charming Walnut Creek any more. All the high density apartments have ruined the beauty of the town and made it unfun to come there to shop and eat any more. Different vibe now. San Francisco has completely gone down the tubes too. Decided to never go back to SF ever. There are tons of weapon carrying people on BART too. Chesa Boudin is catch and release which has resulted in people coming to the East Bay to commit more crimes. No consequences for committing crime and theft in SF. Maybe if shoot someone and get caught but then someone has already died like in the case of catch and release Chesa.

    • It sounds like some feel there is a defacto “hands off” policy on proactive policing.

      Is this in response to a possible city settlement with the NAACP maybe 25-30 years ago? Some alleged there was ‘racial profiling’ when a new bar, Johnny Loves, opened near Las Lomas High School / old Emil Villa’s Hickory Pit. There is a typical pattern. It started out fun, for locals. Then “outsiders” (and lack of bathroom facilities) caused problems. I was told the police and city were sued over cars being pulled over on weekends.

    • While I might focus on WCPD, it’s all over the Bay Area, the liberal elected officials have told their officers that it is unwise to be “pro-active”, of course with having DA’s that would rather prosecute cops, who can blame our hard working officers and deputies. I have a god son on San Mateo SO, he will not be pro-active, why take the chance of going to jail or losing your pension. It’s the Wild West out there neighbors, be prepared to take care of yourself. 108RS

      • It’s the Wild West or some people want it to be? It’s true that the Internet lures people into a false sense of security and they feel free to talk absolute bs but you can’t help but notice how many people even here seem to want to shoot it out on Main Street like Gary Cooper in High Noon.

  3. Defrauding an innkeeper is still a crime, but I would think petty theft if under $950. Soft on crime liberals are to blame. Criminals know the game has changed and they take advantage. Police aren’t allowed to do their jobs properly, and we’re all paying for it.

    • I still don’t see how police could have handled this any differently — unless they had suddenly developed spidy skills and could read this mans mind. And there’s a difference between arresting protestors and organized retail thieves who IMHO were behind all the looting going on and still going on. Apparently the retail chains are organizing their own police/investigative teams to fight them off. Do people still want to be police officers?? It may be just me but it seems the departments are understaffed, which also compounds the problem.

    • Who are the “soft on crime liberals” you refer to? I’m fairly liberal but not “soft on crime”, especially involving firing guns in crowded public areas. Are you seriously suggesting some people are okay with criminals firing guns in downtown WC?

      • Unfortunately, I believe that liberals are soft in crime too. It’s been demonstrated by the laws they’ve passed, and the refusal-of the liberals at state level government-to tighten up any of the laws that would bring safer streets as Republican counterparts are trying for. So yeah liberals have a track record of accepting crime is kind of a normal byproduct of society. Sorry.
        There’s word out there though it Walnut Creek City Council really wants their police to stand down when it comes to anything involving minorities as they don’t want it to get out of hand or, and I’m guessing result in lawsuits. Right now we’re living in a time where there’s reverse discrimination that’s fully accepted.

  4. I was right there in the restaurant across the street. This news article is not even remotely accurate. There were about 6-7 shots fired. The bouncer of escorted the perpetrator to his car via a chokehold. He pulled out his gun from the car as it was driving off and fired the shots. Miraculously no one was injured. It was horrible.

  5. And at the next election, CA citizens will vote for the same people, with no hope to change anything for the better. Slowly spiraling downward…

    • Doug, Dave, Tim:

      How about the DA charge the Spoontonic shooter with murder and three counts of attempted murder, related charges, and charges for thug #2 brandishing a weapon?

      No charges were filed against the Spoontonic suspect, identified as 22-year-old Jose Casillas-Flores of Brentwood. Police confiscated a gun and ammunition at his home. DA claimed “lack of evidence”, but was his gun the gun used in the crime? Weren’t their multiple witnesses and videotape?

  6. The article plainly states that “accounts vary”. There is no claim to be providing definitive information on exact details of the incident…

    • Attempts to reach police for some definitive version of events yesterday, as well as another this weekend, have so far proved unsuccessful. We continue to hear from people who say they were present either at the restaurant or in the area and each account is different than the preceding one.

    • @Mark Jones – The DA needs to tread carefully with respect to charging the alleged spootonic shooter.

      The caution is likely grounded procedural nuance, not political posturing.

      Criminal charges must plead specific facts in support the allegations. An information or indictment filed with insufficient specificity subjects the entire case to a motion to to dismiss. Moreover, specific facts in gangland cases often consist of accomplice or other informant testimony. The authorities must ensure the safety of such witnesses and their families before filing charges predicated on their testimony. Failure to do so runs the risk that such witnesses will be “persuaded” to recant their stories or worse, “disappear” all together.

      In either case, “jeopardy” attaches once a defendant is formally charged. Once a case is dismissed for pleading insufficient factual bases or insufficient evidence, an otherwise guilty defendant can beat the wrap by asserting subsequent charges amount to “double jeopardy.”

      As such, filing prematurely can compromise the entire case and place key witnesses at imminent peril.

      • Duly noted. DA Diana Becton also appears to have some controversy in her office. She recently filed charges against an officer two years after the completed investigation; staff resignations; and hiring an AG Kamala Harris problem employee.

  7. No surprise. Modern China brings this upon themselves by catering to drunken, lower brow clientele and intentionally letting the service and food quality plummet. I was excited to take my girlfriend there for her birthday as the owners old restaurant Zheng Long was a family favorite. We were soon forgotten, and ages later our appetizer was brought out by a cook and was missing ingredients.

    We also considered walking out without paying, like this couple, as we had no option for getting a check, and hadn’t seen a server in an hour and a half. Ended up dropping exact change with the owner at the host counter, where the two server girls were flirting with the bouncer and they didn’t bat an eye at our method of payment nor the fact my girlfriend was sobbing on our way out. On her birthday. Could’ve been us.

  8. I guess it really happened after all. KTVU just aired their version of your story. The mayor didn’t seem too concerned.

    • No, they had a better source than Mayor. He was a friend of the Mayor’s daughter…if you want to believe my ear-witness account of the broadcast…

  9. Please calm down and think about this. There were eyewitnesses (and ear witnesses) who varied in their reports. This is not faulty journalism. Also, if not for fear of the police, the shooter may have not sped away, leaving a number of possible ends that I don’t even want to write down. Thank God for bouncers and for our people in Blue! We honor you! And we also appreciate journalists who do their best promptly with what they receive so that we can know what’s happening. I hope these two are tracked down and apprehended. Sounds like the bouncer may have been the target which would probably mean attempted murder. God bless all of those who try to protect and serve even in an era of exposing those who have gone bad. When we oppose all necessary authority and throw the baby out with the bath water, we all lose something. Train them. Don’t drain them.

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