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Danville Man Booked For Assault On Motorcycle Officer Monday

Photo: Danville PD

As we noted at the time, Danville police are investigating an incident where a man allegedly used his vehicle to assault a motorcycle officer while attempting to evade a traffic stop.

The incident occurred at 1:33 p.m. as the unnamed officer attempted to stop a black Ford Focus for speeding on Diablo Road and Ackerman Drive. Investigators say the driver fled and used his vehicle twice in an attempt to cause a collision with the officer on his motorcycle. On the second attempt, the driver allegedly caused a collision between the police officer on his motorcycle and the suspect’s vehicle at Diablo Road and Alamatos Drive – the officer sustaining minor injuries as a result.

Police converged on the area to begin a search for the car, which was eventually located in an unincorporated part of the city. The suspect, identified as Ryan Ohlson, 31, of Danville was apprehended in the Las Trampas Wilderness Regional Preserve at Bollinger Canyon Road and Rocky Ridge Road in San Ramon.

Ohlson was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility for felony evading a police officer, felony assault of a police officer, and hit and run. 


    • Jeff Jul 20, 2021 at 8:12 am
      He’s lucky that I did not find him. 108RS

      You impress me! You impress me as the kind of belligerent, antagonistic police officer we need to remove from service ASAP.

      • It’s because police can no longer perform their jobs like I did that you have shootings in Walnut Creek, armed robberies in Alamo, Danville and Walnut Creek all within the last month. 108RS

        • “he’d be making a visit to county medical first”, you wrote.

          Jeff Aug 9, 2021 at 9:08 am
          “I’m your huckleberry. 108RS”, you wrote. It is a phrase popularized in the violent movie Tombstone, by men with badges.

          You dangle these implicit threats. What you imply in your remarks is not policing. It’s not following the law. Payback and head-cracking is not policing, it is thuggery.

          • david: You seem to have lots of great ideas and judgements on policing and violence. Could you tell us about some of the times someone tried to kill you or your companion twice and how you dealt with them when they failed to kill you.

      • David, Don’t take him too seriously. I work with police officers in a support role. I find most are far more mature than the opinions he expresses.

        • City Hall,

          The local officers of the San Ramon Valley are not trained to my level. Last year I had to pull a female Walnut Creek officer from underneath a moving car. 108RS

          • @ Jeff- Walnut Creek Officers possibly, but only if they spend their entire career there. I find your statement about the rest of the area pretty brazen knowing what I know. Yes id agree a WC officer most likely will never gain the experience that one would at LASD or a large urban PD.
            As for the rest of the SR valley and a lot of the 680/24 corridor it’s patrolled by deputies and many have worked all over the county including high call areas with a lot more crime.
            As someone who has worked both high crime areas and more mellow areas I’d argue that working in an area like SR Valley or the 680/24 corridor requires way more restraint and a lot more documentation!
            Having worked 28 yrs in both types I can say for a fact you can’t police the areas the same, if you bring say a Richmond or Oakland patrol mentality to WC you’ll find yourself in civil court pretty

            No disrespect to LASD at all, I’ve know several Dep.s from SoCal.

    • Is there any data out there to support anecdotal evidence that people are reaching the end of their respective tethers? This site has touched on it but I wondered if there is any hard evidence to back the claim. So many people seem to be making poor decisions lately.

      • I feel too, that people have come to the end of their tethers lately. All after the pandemic. I’ve never seen so many violent drivers and on the edge people in stores, etc.
        I keep asking myself what is going on but figure the best I could do is be extra nice and try to improve people’s moods and calm them down.
        What’s so odd I was listening to the radio in the car on a long trip last week and scanned all sorts of stations. One was talking about the issue and indicated- If I remember correctly- that 20% of people have thought about suicide in the last year; 40% show sign of clinical depression, etc. These things were shocking but in a way not surprising from what I have felt from people lately. I don’t know what station it was or what the study was. Sorry but I believe it’s true. I just don’t know why things have gotten so bad.

    • Oh yeah sure. If it’s a white guy in Danville there must be a logical explanation besides this guy being a complete scumbag.

      • It turned out to be an issue in two prior cases where men were killed by police. Why wouldn’t we consider some sort of mental disconnect?

    • Refresh our failing memory, please, we’re writing up the latest one and don’t have a moment to search the site…

        • Aha, got it… sure. Don’t believe they were able to locate that driver, unfortunately. And we’re sure it was VERY scary…

  1. Definitely not something that happens every day around here. Was this a random encounter or were they looking for this person?

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