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Armed Robbery Reported In Walnut Creek Saturday


Two men, one armed with a pistol, robbed a victim of his wallet 100 block of Roxanne Court early Monday. The victim was not believed to have been injured.

The incident was reported at approximately 12:40 a.m. with two black male suspects wearing hoodies and dark clothing confronting the victim outside the Kingston Apartments, one of the men producing a pistol and demanding the wallet before fleeing the area on foot.

Police are currently in the area searching for the suspects (12:55 a.m.)


  1. It’s unfortunate, but true, but these young men that did this robbery, and the four young men that robbed the Alamo man last week, are costing sympathy & support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

    • When white people commit crimes, it does not impugn social equality groups such as the ACLU or groups seeking equal voting access for working class and poor people, etc., so how does crime by black people have anything at all to do with BLM which is campaigning for fair and equal treatment for people of color under the law?
      It doesn’t, of course.

      You view the BLM marches and protests from the vantage point of privilege. You seem to think that BLM is demanding some sort of special privilege or special treatment when it can’t be made plainer that they are seeking equal treatment, equal justice under the law.
      You can’t see it.

  2. Things are getting a little rough out there. I did my fair share of clubbing and all back in the day but I don’t ever remember anyone ever pulling a gun.

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