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One Dead, Two Wounded In Concord Shooting Tuesday


Police in Concord are investigating a shooting in the 1500 block of Pine Street that left one person dead and two others wounded Tuesday night.

Gunfire broke out just before 10 p.m. with someone opening fire on a vehicle in the area. Neighbors report several shots were fired, with one victim – a 22-year-old man – found in the targeted vehicle and others nearby. One neighbor reported hearing the sound of a car speeding away from the area.

The deceased victim was believed to have been declared dead at the scene.

No information has been given as to suspects or any possible motive.


  1. Last year the FBI filed cold case charges including 4 homicides and 11 defendants in what they dub as South Concord (Monument).

    In 2016, law enforcement arrested dozens in a crackdown on the Nortenos. Facebook video:


    September 15, 2020, Concord Police operations focused on the Sorenos: “Operation Boulevard Blues culminated in a major law enforcement operation last Thursday that resulted in the arrest of 31 individuals and involved 31 different law enforcement agencies. Thirty-four search warrants were executed in multiple locations across Contra Costa County and 42 firearms were recovered.”

    In separate gang activity, a Concord high school student was killed by youth trying to impress / join the violent MS-13 street gang. The killers videotaped their shootings to impress San Francisco MS-13 members.


    • And what’s scarier is that a few thousand MS-13 gang members have snuck through the border in the last 6 months and are now among us. The problems getting worse.
      When I hear that George Gascon, former da of San Francisco, now in LA, has disbanded the police’s gang task force….. It makes me shake my head. Gascon said it was racist to focus on gangs.

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