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San Ramon Valley Police Storm Alamo Home Thursday

Photo: Office of the Sheriff/File

If you talk with the neighbors – who have been calling us all afternoon – the police raid on a home off Livorna Road in Alamo Thursday looked like a cross between the firefight at Nakitomi Plaza and perhaps the air assault on Son Tay prison.

We don’t think it was quite that aggressive but neighbors behind a police cordon reported seeing a police special weapons team fast-roping from a helicopter orbiting overhead, flash bangs detonating, and shouted commands.

We’re not sure precisely what was going on but it was something, and we’ve reached out to the commanders we think may have been in charge of the operation – whatever it was.

Weapons allegedly recovered in yesterday’s raid. Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

We don’t relay geographic locations and police movements during unfolding law enforcement actions but we can say that the focus of today’s raid appeared to be on a house just off Lavender Drive.

Neighborhood “chatter” started almost as soon as the first flash grenade went off, understandably enough, with folks taking to social media to speculate as to today’s target – drug dealer, arms dealer, theft ring, or armed suspect – though we’ve gotten nothing solid enough to put our finger on, yet.

Officers and deputies from the county sheriff, Danville, San Ramon, Pleasant Hill departments all took part in the afternoon action, which kicked off at about 5 p.m.

If they know what they were after, they’re not saying – yet. We’ll update everyone as soon as we get any confirmed information.

UPDATE: Pleasant Hill police released some information about this incident on their social media page on Friday.

In the course of a domestic violence aggravated assault and armed robbery investigation in their city July 13, investigators were able to determine that their suspect was staying at a residence in 900 block of Livorna Road in Alamo.

With heavily armed officers from the Central Contra Costa County SWAT team leading the way, investigators descended on the house in execution of search and arrest warrants for an armed and dangerous suspect.

That man, a 41-year-old Concord resident whose name was not provided by police, was taken into custody without incident. A search of the residence allegedly turned up several illegal firearms, including three assault weapons currently banned under California law. Several federally banned gun components were also allegedly recovered, according to police.

The unnamed suspect was booked into the Martinez Detention Facility on unspecified charges.

No one was hurt during the raid.


    • Hey! Still not a 100 percent sure ’cause you folks like to keep us folks in the dark but it sure got the neighbors’ attention!

  1. This had nothing to do with the current tenants, there was a man over who had been in trouble and they were looking for him. They caught him and all is now fine. (I live here).

  2. There’s more to this than Emily’s statement. The SWAT team is not called out unless it is a very violent felon. Interestingly, I was on Lavender in the morning. 108RS

    • Jeff, how about you come by and have a chat face to face because now your just lying. There is not more. As I said, I live here and myself and family being the tenants had nothing to do with this. We had brought in a man off the street to stay with us because he had know where to go and we were trying to be good people by helping someone get on their feet, unfortunately we did not knowing he was a criminal. They came for him. Not us.

      • You’re lucky we’re not hurt Emily! Breaking news reports that he had a cache of many dangerous weapons! We are yet to hear his whole background.
        Also watch about helping people get on their feet. I’ve tried it over the years and it always backfires. I’m active in helping the homeless and there are many resources out there for them. I have to tell you though 80% of them are mooches… And preferred drugs and booze to solid solutions. Let the agencies help them …don’t let them suck you in personally……. A kind heart is good but don’t have an empty brain. The stories I could tell you!

        • Emily – I commend you for trying to help someone in need. But did you notify your landlord of your addition? Because as a landlord — I make sure I don’t have any Megan’s Law offenders/sexual predators. It is part of my lease that any tenant notify me of anyone added to household. Did you extend that courtesy to your landlord?

      • Well hope you all figured it out what kind of criminal alleged, Emily has a mom that new the man was a criminal how do you know did you know the man as well ? BeCause Emily is a kid it sounds like standing up for her families right to privacy regardless of what any of us think . And to be blunt your all just a bunch of looky Lou’s it seems to me with touch time on your hands get a life that doesn’t have herrasing kids about there parents bad decisions get a life perhaps .

  3. Shopkeeper to Terminator in 1984 movie:
    “You know your weapons, buddy. Any one of these is ideal for home defense. So, uh, which’ll it be?”

    He took everything but a “Phased plasma rifle in the 40 Watt range.” because it hasn’t been made yet.

  4. So, was this guy carrying a literal “White Privilege Card” credit card facsimile like the arrested wannabe bombers in Sacramenna or is he a little less flamboyant?

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