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Early Morning Fire Guts Lin’s Buffet Building Monday

Photo: Con Fire

Fire ravaged the Lin’s Buffet restaurant at Willow Pass Road and Waterworld Parkway in Concord early Monday morning, prompting road closures and drawing onlookers despite the hour.

It was not immediately known what started the blaze, reported at 2:39 a.m.

Crews responding to the blaze found themselves on the defensive as heavy fire continued to burn through the structure.


  1. The building has been vacant for years. It’s the former Lin’s Buffet and Hungry Hunter. Chic fiil a wants in, and Concord City Council won’t allow it. Cause of fire could be anything, but the homeless hang out there.

  2. Homeless started the fire. They’ve tried it before. And this is right across the street from where the homeless man was just killed with rocks last week by another homeless man.
    Please don’t give any money to homeless people! They only buy drugs with it and it makes them crazy. There are overlapping agencies that help these people, and they truly get all the food they need. But they get their booze and drugs from money that the gullible public gives them.
    It was in the East Bay times last year that homeless people and Walnut Creek can make up to $80 an hour panhandling befor the police move them on.
    Please let the agencies help them. Don’t give a Penny yourself, it only encourages their homelessness.

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