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Fire Burns On Mount Diablo Friday


A slow-moving, 5-acre grass fire has been spotted burning on Mount Diablo. A full vegetation fire response was mobilized to put down the blaze.

The fire was reported at approximately 2:49 a.m. in the area of S. Gate Road and Mt. Diablo Scenic. Crews on the scene reported fire on the uphill side of the road with a slow rate of spread in steep terrain.

Crews reported that they had halted the fire’s forward progress at approximately 4 a.m.


    • None that we’ve gotten thus far, PatMac – at first we were looking for a possible lightning strike, then a possible transient camp… but we’ve gotten no official word on cause.

  1. I also think they were lucky that we got 10 minutes of rain right in that area yesterday.
    I’m sure that helped dampen things a bit.

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