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“Human Activity” In Crawlspace Under Concord Church Blamed For Devastating Fire

Photo: ConFire PIO

An investigation into Thursday’s 2-alarm fire at Christ Community Church, 1650 Ashbury Drive in Concord, determined that “human activity” in a crawlspace under the structure was responsible for the blaze.

Investigators found “sleeping materials” and other possessions belonging to someone temporarily sheltering under the structure without authorization. Investigators were not able to determine whether the fire was intentionally or accidentally set although all other possible ignition sources in the area of the fire were however eliminated.

A search dog confirmed there were no human remains in or under the structure. No injuries occurred in fighting or investigating the fire.

Con Fire’s Fire Investigation Unit (FIU) urges residents to help them fight arson crimes across the county by calling the Arson Tip Line at 1-866-50-ARSON. They caution residents not to hesitate on information that seems too little or unimportant to matter, adding some of the most valuable tips come from residents who were not aware what they saw was important to the investigation of an incident.


  1. It’s so strange, we build temp housing for them or put them up in shelter — which I know are not the nicest — but they reject them. People seem happier living in crawlspaces or under bridges. It’s baffling.

  2. This church does a lot for the homeless. Hopefully it wasn’t intentional. The way the article is written — do they think it’s arson? I’m thinking keeping warm early in the morning or lighting up a cig.

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