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Latest Shooting On SR4 Leaves Two Wounded Thursday Night

Danville, CA, Police, A 12-year-old boy shoots and wounds himself with his parent's gun.
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Two men suffered non-life threatening gunshot wounds in the latest in a series of recent shootings on Highway 4 in Pittsburg Thursday.

Officers discovered the victims in a car pulled off to the side of the freeway in the westbound direction near Railroad Avenue at 9:57 p.m. Both were taken to a local hospital for treatment while officers closed the freeway to facilitate their investigation of the incident.

Policer said the driver and his passenger were shot at in what appears to be an attempted road rage incident. The suspect fled the scene in an unknown vehicle subsequent to the shooting, according to the CHP.

Thursday’s incident was the fourth shooting to occur on SR4 since April 27.


  1. And the State still plans to let out another 70, 000 inmates, including ‘lifers’ into the public. Folks, this is only going to get worse!
    Some people honestly belong in jail! Like the SF man who stabbef the two elderly Asian ladies last week. He did the same 4 years ago but was let go.

      • My point was. These are low, low probability events. I believe it is incorrect for other posters to sensationalize these events (in this and other threads) with the intent of emphasizing OTHERness and characterizing such criminals as interlopers from the “ghetto”, as though we in the burbs are a breed apart to be separated and protected by police forces.

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