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Statement From Danville Town Council Regarding Recent Police Shootings

Photo: DPD

Since the Town of Danville incorporated in 1982, police services have been provided through a contract with the Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office.  This has been a positive relationship that has delivered a high level of service and helped strengthen relationships with the community.
We regret the two tragic incidents that resulted in the losses of both Laudemer Arboledo and Tyrell Wilson. Our thoughts are with the families and friends of these men.
We respect the decision of the District Attorney in her decision to file charges related to the shooting of Mr. Arboledo, following the two and one-half year review of the case.
Today’s release of the body camera footage related to the Tyrell Wilson shooting is essential, as the public has the right to know what happened both during and following the shooting.
We continue to support full transparency in all matters related to both incidents.  We understand the importance of trust in the relationship between our community and the police personnel who are here to serve them, and we are committed to creating a safe, equitable and inclusive community for all members of our community.
We also see the importance of finding ways to better serve individuals and their families that may be suffering from mental health challenges and are committed to being part of a process that identifies solutions that can incorporate immediate localized emergency response for individuals in mental health crisis.  We will continue to advocate for such services at the state, county, and local level. Our hope is that moving forward from these incidents, we will be able to build to a better methodology in handling these issues within our community.
Mayor Renee Morgan
Vice Mayor Newell Arnerich
Councilmember David Fong
Councilmember Karen Stepper
Councilmember Robert Storer


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