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Scavenger Gets Testy, Pulls Gun On Moraga Resident Sunday


Police in Moraga are hoping to contact a man they say allegedly pulled a gun on a resident who objected to the man going through his trash.

The incident was reported shortly after 11 a.m. when a homeowner in the 200 block of Rheem Boulevard reportedly spotted the man rummaging through his trash without permission and confronted him.

The subject, described initially as a white male, 20s or 30s, thin build, blue t-shirt and jeans, driving a blue Toyota pickup with a camper shell and a possible license plate of 141249 objected, apparently, and displayed a black pistol.

No shots were fired and no one was injured during the encounter.

The truck was last seen on Rheem Boulevard – heading toward Orinda.


    • Thank you, Jeff, for using “supplanted.” But, yes, a critter with a different type of bite. Glad no one hurt…

  1. Scavengers were out because people were putting out things for the bulk trash/recycling pickup 3 days later. It happens twice a year. People should wait until the weekend is over if they have a problem with letting the scavengers have their castoffs.

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