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Deputy Named In Danville Officer-Involved Shooting; Suspect In Critical Condition

Photo: Danville PD

From the Office of the Sheriff:

The subject from Thursday’s officer involved shooting in Danville is identified as Tyrell Wilson, a 32-year-old transient who was staying in the area of the Danville Sycamore Valley Park & Ride on Sycamore Valley Road. Wilson remains in critical condition at the hospital at this time.

The officer who discharged his weapon is Officer Andrew Hall, who is assigned to the contract city of Danville and has been a peace officer for 7½ years. He is currently on paid administrative leave per department policy.

The investigation by the Contra Costa County Office of the Sheriff and the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office is ongoing per the countywide officer involved protocol. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the Investigation Division through dispatch at (925) 646-2441 or at (925) 313-2600. For any tips, email: tips@so.cccounty.us<mailto:tips@so.cccounty.us> or call (866) 846-3592 to leave an anonymous voice message.

Additional information, not supplied by the Office of the Sheriff:

Hall is the officer who, on Nov. 3, 2018, opened fire on Laudemar Arboleda after a series of cascading events led to a police chase and gunfire, also in Danville.

Family members said the 33-year-old Newark man, who they described as mentally ill, grew confused after going to a strange address in a failed bid to secure new housing for himself – ignoring officer’s sirens and commands to stop after officers called to contact him engaged him in a slow-speed, seven-minute pursuit through the city.

Arboleda drove to the intersection of Front Street and Diablo Road when two police cars tried to block him from entering the intersection, according to police dashcam footage. Arboleda began to drive toward a gap between the two cars when Hall stepped out of his car, gun drawn, and fired at Arboleda, hitting him in the chest. He was taken to San Ramon Regional Medical Center where he was subsequently pronounced dead.


  1. He’s turning out to be a very expensive asset for Danville. Shooting number 2. Not disciplined for the first Danville shooting. And so, he’s back in the news.

    • Your so smart Dave, maybe you should run all the police departments in California.

      The discretion of the first shooting is incorrect regarding the officers actions.

      • “Hall stepped out of his car, gun drawn, and fired at Arboleda, hitting him in the chest.” Not correct? LOL. The video evidence of him running toward the vehicle and firing a fusillade of shots as the car slowly passes is all a jury needs to see. Sadly, another family of a person of color will receive the meager recompense of money for their loss. Sadly, another mentally ill man dies at the hands of police. Sadly, the citizens of Danville will pay and pay until something changes.

      • I surmise that in your worldview, “we” are all better off when the officers are legally exonerated and those being shot, the homeless, the mentally ill, and the addicts die a quiet death because the system is permissive and weak.

  2. David loves to blame LE for everything he sees wrong in society, go back and look at all of his over blown posts. Unfortunately the blinders he wears miss the biggest issue with out of control mental health crisis in our country, our local, state and federal governments failure to step up and make efforts to tackle the problem. All three have done nothing to deal with the crisis. Police are not mental health experts nor should they be, they are not the answer to all the social problems of society but somewhere along the line they’ve become the answer, the wrong answer. Your child won’t follow your rules, call the police, your marriage is falling apart, call the police, you family member has mental issue….mental health issues usually appear early enough that if addressed might be able to avoid future situations that result in police action, but if there is no help at the start we get results like this or we get results like the tragic incident on BART with the two young women not too long ago.
    Do I have an answer, no I do not, but I do know the answer is not using the police to fix all of society’s problems.

    • How about we taken a look at the laws which don’t allow us to commit those with serious mental issues? Years ago I read there were about 5-10 seriously ill homeless who, by themselves, were responsible for thousands of 911 calls! They get picked up by police and fire, who have to be careful of needles and AIDS, they get cleaned up, a dinner and breakfast, and are released back onto the streets to defecate, get stoned / drunk / lit, and repeat.

      All because we can’t force them to take their mood or schizophrenic meds?

      I also wonder if the movie Cuckoo’s Nest tainted the discussion.

  3. Totally agree Bill.
    Ask any officer in the S 680 corridor that’s been there a long while about two individuals (Wayne and Ivor) that wasted countless hours of their time for literally years. As a cyclist who frequented the Blvd or trail I had encounters with both over the years. Officers told me they had to deal with both multiple times a month, sometimes per week only to have them back out on the streets within a day sometimes within hours. My guess due to their ages and lifestyles they are no longer around.

    • Iver is still around and raging. I see him all the time. Think he lives under the freeway. I get the frustration pepole feel about him and others like him — seems like there are more and more around every day. It would be nice to say we were able to help them but most of them don’t seem to want it and others just seem content to drink or smoke and cause problems. There’s no easy answer for the problem and I do believe its wrong to put it all on the police.

  4. What if the police didn’t shoot him, then the suspect runs after someone and stabs them. is that what you want? Public safety is #1. We cannot have looney people walking around with a deadly dagger which will be used for a crime and end up in an innocent person’s death.

    • No. Be serious. I want him to be stopped without the shooting part. “Public safety is #1” does not mean that you start with the shooting. I believe that can usually be accomplished without the shooting!!! Yes, we have looneys including members of Congress who want to take guns onto the floor of Congress. We can’t shoot them either. We have to do better than that.

  5. Well, I don’t know Igor or Fredo… I live in a world where no human defecates on my lawn or runs me off the bike path. We may not share a common goal on police reform, but care for the mentally ill and infrastructure investment…maybe we can work together on that.

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