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FBI Agent Latest Victim Of Lafayette Car Burglars

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It’s no secret that Lafayette – like most other Bay Area cities these days – has been particularly hard hit by car burglars prowling area parking lots looking for loot while car owners dine.

An unidentified Federal Bureau of Investigation agent learned this the hard way Saturday while parked outside the American Kitchen restaurant on Lafayette Circle in Lafayette.

The agent’s car was broken into at approximately 12:30 p.m., a burglar entering and making off with the agent’s service weapon, a .40 caliber Glock 22 pistol – as well as bureau credentials.

It was not immediately known if the weapon was stored in a locked compartment or left out in plain view.


  1. If an FBI agent doesn’t have enough common sense not to leave a weapon in his car, he’s probably in the wrong profession. Unbelievable.

  2. Doh! One more missing gun…and “bureau credentials”…hello! Time to hang up your spurs when you can’t hang onto your badge. I hope s/he has a dog because “Honey, I’m home” is gonna come up a little short with the missus.

  3. The problem is a Glock 22 is not very concealable, that is why it was left in the car. Yes, the agent will have some explaining to do. 108RS

  4. KTVU went so easy on this FBI person in their coverage. No mention of not properly securing the weapon, the credentials. It was just reported as such an unfortunate, random event. He and his family were just victims in this. Yes, that’s half of it. Where’s the other half of the reporting? Where’s the accountability when officers violate procedure and law? They are immune.

  5. The bureau never says what disciplinary action if any was taken in cases like this. It would seem to be a very serious violation of regulations – but we have no way of knowing what steps were taken to prevent it from happening again. I also thought the guns are supposed to be locked in a storage locker, It may not have been the agent’s car and he may not have had access to one, but leaving his guns and credentials IN A BAG in a car where car burglaries are frequent doesnt seem like common sense to me and for that alone the agent needs some sort of disciplinary action. It would be nice to know what action was taken since the gun is now in our community.

  6. First of all this isn’t the inner city where crime rates are a lot higher. Secondly how do you know that he wasn’t working and was trying to conceal his identity. Just some thoughts.

    • So, you believe he used his family and friends as cover at the restaurant or were they from rent-a-family? Second, the avalanche of car break-ins in Lafayette is real crime, regularly occurring crime.

  7. Gun has probably been sold twice already. Not sure what fed credentials would get you on the street but I would guess there would be a market for them.

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