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It’s “Fill ‘Er Up” For New Costco Gas Station In San Ramon

City of San Ramon

Supporters of a planned 32-pump gas station built on the site of the Office Depot location at 3111 Fostoria Way got their wish Thursday when San Ramon’s City Council gave their unanimous approval of the project.

Just across the street – and city lines – from the Danville Costco location it is intended to support, the San Ramon site was not without opposition.

Neighbors had questioned the project based on its potential impacts to the environment and surrounding neighborhood and one group, Save San Ramon, filed an appeal requesting that it be denied, claiming that support for the station was driven primarily by a desire for cheap fuel.

Dozens of residents argued against the project during Thursday’s special meeting.

Overriding those concerns, city officials proclaimed that city staff reviews of the site’s potential impact were “consistent and conservative.”

The project incorporates a 12,663-square-foot canopy with signage on all sides, an approximately 200-square-foot control facility and associated site improvements and landscape enhancement on a 2.88-acre lot.


  1. The exception to the rule, the gumby rule, er, nimby rule. White suburbia loses? And the maga fans go WILD! Waaaaaahhh!!

    • Why does race have to be brought into everything? Gasoline, and the people that need it for the cars, have nothing to do with what color you are.

      • Then why are the MOOOOSSTT objectionable necessities of refining, transporting, and burning carbon and producing dangerous chemicals for that most modern ‘Merican life of luxury and convenience always located in low income neighborhoods. You are living that color blind life, aren’t you, and believing it. Bless your heart!

      • Have you see the dozens of “George Floyd” obscenities all across America? Have seen the white supremacy messaging at the nation’s Capitol? Are we post-racial? Yeah, sure, we solved that. LOOK AROUND YOU! This is our most recent chance, in centuries of chances, to try to make it better.

  2. Saving SR is a noble endeavor, however, a more intelligent target would be Bishop Ranch with it’s empty buildings which continue to consume vast resources whilst sitting empty for a year…instead of Costco which is replacing a vacant building, with a popular and needed service and incidentally, is one of the few businesses that has kept people stocked during the Chinese bat virus.

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