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Trump Supporters, Neighbors Put El Curtola Bridge Protests Before Lafayette City Council Monday


Continued protests by supporters of America’s defeated past president at Lafayette’s El Curtola Bridge and rising frustration among area residents living near the span have forced the matter onto an upcoming council agenda.

Council staff have indicated that they intend to accept communications from an organizer/supporter of the regular protests along with others who say the gatherings constitute a threat to community safety – or at least to neighborhood peace and quiet.

While Monday’s meeting is not expected to make either contingent instantly happy it has become apparent in recent weeks that civic leaders and police find themselves squarely in the middle of a volatile and ongoing national discourse which has manifested itself locally on the span above Highway 24.

One rally organizer wrote the council on Feb. 2, thanking them for allowing their rallies:

Subject: Allow Bay Area Patriots To Promote the US Constitution
Date: Tuesday, February 02, 2021 4:35:55 PM
To the Lafayette Mayor & City Council : We want to thank you for allowing us a venue to promote our efforts to raise an awareness in the general public that our way of life as stated in our Declaration of Independence and U.S.Constitution is under attack by the Radical Left. We want our Country back !! Our Creator will show us the way !

For the record, this site is *withholding the names of those who have written the council and whose missives are expected to be received Monday evening due to fears of possible physical violence expressed by members of both sides.

Neighbors voiced other concerns, detailing tales of contact with demonstrators/protestors:

Are we going to wait for something bad to happen in our local community before the City of Lafayette actually does something? Why can’t we simply stop allowing ANY protesters from protesting on that bridge? If they protested in front of your home, would you simply pass it off as free speech and go about your day? It’s been well over 5 months and I’m tired and more
importantly, scared of what’s to come. I hate that the road in front of my home has been tarnished with egregious flags, noise, anger and violence.

Along with:

I have seen on multiple occasions accidents on Hwy 24 under this overpass due to the distraction.
It has been published that there have been arrests for assault by this group.
They also congregate on the bridge without masks and without social distancing.
They constantly are standing in the road, rollerskating in the street, jaywalking, waving flags at cars, yelling at cars.
Considering the actions of groups like this in January at our nation’s capitol, what is Lafayette doing to protect it’s (sic) residents?

Just how authorities intend to ensure neighborhood peace and quiet while protecting Free Speech is shaping up as a thorny local issue with no easy solution.


  1. Racists, misogynists, xenophobes, and other Trump lovers have free speech rights, but you have to draw the line at Jewish space lasers. We can’t permit them to use those against us. I hope medically trained professionals will be attending. Perhaps the aforementioned Creator will put in an appearance for the plaintiffs. That would certainly settle things. It’s unclear why she is holding back.

  2. At least Lou Dobbs is gone and MT Greene spanked pretty hard – even though she was allowed to think the mental gobbledygook she spouted. Thank the Creator.

  3. Forget your travails, the false promises, the false prophets…the lies…the BIG lies, the OMG HOW COULD I BE SO STUPID lies…and WAKE UP Dorothy, WAKE UP! Abre los ojos. Abre los ojos. You and Toto are going to need real world legal representation or else a serious FlavorAid slap in the face.

    I know the Constitution. The Constitution is a friend of mine, and you, you screaming epithet, do not know Jack about the Constitution.

  4. The election of 2020 was in 2020. Today, I saw a sign stating Stop the Steal on the overpass. This is no longer a matter of free speech, but a misrepresentation of history. The awareness this group is raising should have the effect of alerting those of us who still want democracy that we cannot get comfortable and allow antidemocratic forces to advance in the 2022 mid-term elections.

    • Out there again Friday and apparently will be staying through February. It’s time for an opposition party to counter the Trumpists and get something done.

  5. According to the cult he whose name sane people don’t mention any more will be installed to his rightful position on March 4. When that doesn’t happen, the latest of their Q-landmarks to fail, they’ll probably push it back another couple of months. More of them are seeing the light but the diehards are just refusing to let go.

  6. After all the letters and heated debate the best the city can do is point a camera at the bridge, ask demonstrators to park at the North end and to look into putting a barrier of some kind on the fence so flags and banners can’t be placed there?

  7. Watching the impeachment proceedings I’m just wondering if its possible for the Republican party to argue the evidence or if their sole strategy is to baffle the nation with BS.

  8. “Trump’s lawyer is giving the speech you give when you have to stall because the actual lawyer is stuck in traffic.” — Trevor Noah

  9. To Bay Area Patriots Etc. — Go Away. Go home. Read a book. Pet the dog. You’ve been lied to. There’s still time to save yourselves.

  10. Time for Republicans to put their big boy pants on. You owe the people who protect you the courtesy of listening to the truth.

  11. The World Health Organization is investigating a sudden outbreak of deaf, dumb and blindness among GOP representatives on Capitol Hill…. But apparently they’re willing to talk about Benghazi again.

  12. I just watched National Geographic cover DPRK, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea. They’ve got nothing on the Party, sorry, “Parody of Lincoln”. All of those sober, righteously indignant Never Trumpers on MSNBC: WEAVER, Schmidt, Wilson, etc, etc are revealing themselves to be without substance or as Kubrick would have it: purity of essence!!! A quick refresher: Palin, Condi, Cheney/Bush, Bolton, supply-side economics, WMDs, WAR and OIL. This party has been a wholly owned subsidiary of corporate interests and war profiteers for a long, long time. Wake up! Ground Hog Day came and went.

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