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Letters: Wearing A Mask Is Smart



Having just returned from shopping at the local mall and unhappy with members of our human race who think they know more than anyone else I thought I would write to vent.

I understand the position that we don’t want to let panic and fear rule our lives, but I am unable to comprehend why that thinking would drive people to shame and ridicule others who take steps to protect their health and very possibly their lives.

We’re not dealing with some minor strain of flu. No one is immune. Every day we read about a dedicated anti-mask supporter who finds themself in the hospital and very possibly a ventilator. If they’re lucky theres a nurse around to record their words which more often than not comes down to “I guess I was wrong” if they are lucky enough to have the breath. This is not panic talking or political posturing, its a cold hard truth.

So when a woman and her companion berate a line of people for wearing masks and makes a movement to grab one off a persons face after so many months of suffering I am left to doubt our ability to heal or even to take care of ourselves during a public health crises.

All of this precautionary sheltering may be a case of too little, too late, but it has to be done, so get with the program. And if you’re content to expose yourself to a virus that has claimed almost as many people in less than a year than we lost in five years of a global war – go ahead. Just stay away from me and anyone I know.


Burt Priller/ Pleasant Hill


  1. It’s a mask. It’s made of rather common materials, and it traps human aerosols and spittle. Medical professionals wear them. Scientists wear them…because they work. Sadly, it can’t protect against stupidity.

  2. Face masks help, but they provide minimal protection. We’ve been wearing them since April, practicing social distancing, 20 second hand washing, the strictest lockdown of all the states — yet California has the highest per capita number of Covid-19 cases. This virus will spread just like the flu and colds spread every year.

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