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Friday Outlook: Cold, With A Chance Of Car Burglary

Photo: Greg Fulcher

Good Friday morning on what’s shaping up to be an Amy Winehouse-themed news day in the 24/680. We’re not quite sure how our newsroom jukebox finds its musical way in the mornings, but it’s all about Rehab and Waking Up Alone – in the bunker this morning.

Folks are up and about and slamming into things, unfortunately, with a gent ramming a retaining wall at Rheem Boulevard and Moraga Road to kick things off in Moraga this morning. He’s okay but his car is going to need some work. And then there’s that nippy ‘Yote to keep in mind…

And, as if we didn’t have enough to worry about with immobile objects throwing themselves in front of our cars in the morning, there are some Bad Boys about (I Told You I Was Trouble), apparently defying the cold to prowl driveways and sift through change-holders of cars in Danville. Police on the scene on Alicante Court and on the lookout for a hardy Car Raider at work this brisk morning but, so far, no good.

Now, you’ll excuse us for a bit, it’s time for a latte and Love Is A Losing Game – hot, and loud.

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