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Wildlife Officials Link Lone Coyote To Two Moraga Attacks; Kill Three Others

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State game wardens have determined that a lone coyote is responsible for two attacks on humans in Moraga, adding that a culling operation set into motion after the incidents has killed three other animals.

Fish and Wildlife Capt. Patrick Foy told KCBS radio that a DNA comparison established that one coyote was responsible for recent biting incidents on a toddler at Moraga Commons Park and a man working out near Campolindo High School.

“We’ve had reports of aggressive coyotes in that area,” Foy told the station. “We started thinking we should do a little extra work.”

Fish and Wildlife trapped and euthanized three coyotes, Foy said, none of them the animal believed responsible for the attacks. Lab tests determined that another coyote was responsible for the Dec. 9 bite near Campolindo and an earlier incident in which a 2-year-old was nipped at Moraga Commons Park on July 9.

A 6-year-old girl was also bitten on the neck and ear while walking with relatives in Dublin Hills Regional Park on April 1.


  1. Nice work on the “culling operation”. Hopefully these efforts will eliminate/reduce encounters between coyotes and Lamorinda denizens for the foreseeable future.

    • You, Jeff Lowe, are at the very least, an ignorant man who seems to believe that killing innocent coyotes is a good thing. If these murderous Fish and Game people were as committed to relocating and protecting coyotes as they are about killing coyotes, we would then have an exemplary department. I hope no one would be foolish enough to sell you a gun – ever!

  2. If a coyote is afflicted with rabies, it will attack anything. Kill the aggressive coyote responsible for the attacks before he does more damage.

  3. As usual, innocent animals die while the culprit gets away. It’s the same in the human world. People get hurt and people want revenge – only we always end up getting the wrong person. Right Richard Jewel?

  4. Hope the people are ok and healing but can’t say I’m comfortable with killing innocent animals to make a few people feel better. I realize it will be hard to find the rogue animal but do we need to kill off other members of the species until we do?

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