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San Ramon Police Announce Culmination Of Fentanyl Investigation Thursday; Six Arrested

Photo: SRPD

San Ramon police announced the culmination of an investigation into drug trafficking in the city and wider Bay Area, saying 6 people had been arrested and a large quantity of drugs – including fentanyl – seized.

Without giving specifics, police said the case originated in San Ramon in 2018 after a San Ramon officer assigned to the DEA Task Force developed a lead on local drug sales.

That investigation came to a head today, Thursday, as police and DEA agents made arrests in undisclosed locations, seized approximately 4 pounds of fentanyl, 1.5 pounds of black tar heroin, 1 pound of brown powered heroin, a half pound of methamphetamine, and several ounces of cocaine.

The amount of fentanyl seized equaled approximately 900,000 lethal doses, police said Thursday.


  1. In other news, several more ounces of blow were seized than were booked into the evidence locker. Coincidentally, the DEA is hosting an extra special happy hour this Friday to celebrate the haul.

  2. “approximately 900,000 lethal doses of fentanyl”? Are you reporting that the pills were tested and any quantity, taken by any individual is lethal? NOTE: reporting facts does not equate to promoting drug use.

    • Attributed to the source: “police said.” Our personal experience with fentanyl is limited, though we are aware it has a contact toxicity. Unsure how the police (investigators/chemists/evidence techs) make their determination.

    • Thanks for that breakdown. Most appreciated. Math was never a strong suit. Our experience with fentanyl has been largely anecdotal, and we are aware of its lethality. We are also seeing more cases where it is making an appearance – and that is distressing to say the least.

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