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Suburban Wonders, Cont’d: Case Of The Wandering Emu


Part of the charm of living in a “Semi-Rural” area are the “Semi-Strange” critter stories that pop up from time to time, everything from wandering bovines to wily coyotes to lazing llamas – live here long enough, you’ll see some interesting things.

Emu Wranglers Ayers and Martin. Photo: Pleasanton PD

But the Go-To people for errant animal calls or ill-tempered pitties are, of course, the Animal Services officers whose job it is to soothe and rescue the sometimes savage beasts.

Today, Animal Services Officer Frankie Ayers and Pleasanton CSO Amy Martin successfully lassoed an emu wandering local streets and manged to keep the creature calm and safe – transporting it to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office animal shelter for an expected reunion with its rightful owner.


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