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Danville Businesses Hurt During Pandemic Get Financial Support From Town


From the Town of Danville:

Businesses in Danville hurt by the coronavirus pandemic will be getting some additional relief from the Town Council in the form of a new reimbursable grant program.

At the November 4, 2020 Danville Town Council meeting, the Council voted to appropriate $250,000 for the development of a grant program to provide support for neighborhood-serving commercial businesses struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  These reimbursable grants are intended to yield direct relief for local businesses. Many businesses are facing ongoing COVID-19 expenses in order to continue providing necessary commercial services for residents or have been required to shift operations outdoors due to health order occupancy restrictions.

The grant program is structured for independent business owners, who meet specific criteria, to select from a menu of options outlined across several grant categories. This flexibility ensures they can apply for a grant that meets their specific business needs. Grants are limited to $5,000 per business (reimbursed at 75% of business expenditure).  Grant categories include: business marketing; capital investment (weather protection and visibility); and other pandemic related expenses.

To learn more about the Forward Focus Business Grant Program, visit the Town of Danville website at www.danville.ca.gov/businessfunding.  For  questions, contact Economic Development Coordinator, Lianna Adauto, at (925) 314-3309 or ladauto@danville.ca.gov.


  1. So let me get this straight. There were restaurants and/or bars on Hartz Avenue who blatantly went against social distancing and were warned multiple times, to the point where Danville took away their additional seating and opened Hartz Avenue to cars. And instead of fining the restaurants for creating an atmosphere where a highly contagious virus would spread, they are now going to give these same restaurants grants, in effect rewarding them for their behaviour. Glad to see our town government show some principle. At least my dollars won’t be wasted on Hartz.

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