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Swastika Graffiti Prompts Response From Lafayette Mayor Anderson

Lamorinda, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo Danville, graffiti.
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From the office of Lafayette Mayor Mike Anderson:

LAFAYETTE, CALIF., October 27, 2020—Today, Tuesday, October 27, 2020, the Lafayette Police Department responded to a report of vandalism in an area of the city adjacent to Lafayette Circle. The Suspect(s) had spraypainted a swastika and the word “Trump” on the garage of a home.

“There is no place for hate in Lafayette,” said Mayor Mike Anderson. “This is an inclusive and diverse city where everyone is welcome. The spray-painting of a swastika, a symbol of oppression, genocide, and xenophobia, on an individual’s home will not be tolerated,” said Mayor Anderson.

“Lafayette stands together in the face of any act involving prejudice or racism; this act will not be overlooked and will be vigorously prosecuted,” the Mayor added.

The Lafayette Police Department is actively investigating this crime and all potential aspects of it, including as a possible hate crime. Lafayette Police take all types of acts that could be bias- or hate-related seriously and will
investigate thoroughly. Lafayette Police have contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the investigation is ongoing.

The Lafayette Police Department is asking anyone with additional information regarding this case to contact detectives at (925) 283-3680 or (925) 299-3234, or to email Sergeant T. Rossberg at tross@so.cccounty.us, or to email 94549tip@gmail.com.


  1. I’m assuming a young, ignorant teen did this. If so, i believe our tribalism and political vitriol is trickling down to the most impressionable among us. I’m a parent of a teen and have been trying to throttle down my own rhetoric to allow her to form her own opinions. I feel social media, tribalism and Covid are making all of us all lose our collective minds and do reckless things.

  2. Not an act of bravery or even a serious effort to rally people to some cause. Not even original. Hateful and juvenile provocation! What keeps me up at night is all the play soldiers gathering in groups and goading each other on. We are awash in weapons of war, and a certain political group keeps flirting with insurrection. We need to quash this quickly and emphatically! Some adults need to show up this November!

    • Flirting? Flirting? We’ve had thousands of buildings burned to the ground, thousands attacked, and dozens or hundreds killed the last 3 months on our streets by 2 primary groups. Last night, looting in Philadelphia and 12 police officers injured.

      • “hundreds killed the last 3 months on our streets by 2 primary groups”
        OK, I’ll play. 1) Cannibalistic Democrat pedophiles who also desire pizza; and 2) what’s the other group? Angry black and brown people?

      • “Dozens”, “hundreds”, “thousands”. So many zeroes! Who can know? So many alternate facts. Who can know?
        We know.

        I can see clearly now the Trump is gone
        I can see all obstacles in my way
        Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
        It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
        Bright (bright) sunshiny day
        It’s gonna be a bright (bright)
        Bright (bright) sunshiny day

    • It could easily be a Fake hate crime. Pretty common today. Jesse Smollett, Bubba Wallace (Nascar door pull sans noose), and Twana Brawley (Al Sharpton).

      • Just curious how the Wallace incident was a fake hate crime. I thought there was no crime. And even if I give you that one, the fake ones are outnumbered by real ones by a huge number unfortunately.

      • “It could easily be a Fake hate crime. Pretty common today.” You referenced a 1987 fake hate crime for your bona fides. Do you know what year it is? And, the noose in the Wallace incident was a noose at a NASCAR racetrack. It was meant to intimidate somebody or express hatred toward somebody. It wasn’t an abandoned flower vase. What makes it fake? It was a noose! No one was charged. What fake crime are you talking about?

        So, we shouldn’t be worried about all of the hate we are witnessing and Trump is generating because?? some might be fake?

        • Sorry. The alleged “noose” is a garage door pull down.

          There have been countless Fake hate crimes. Sketchy Al Sharpton rising to fame based on one of them was quite ironic.

  3. The oother one has the symbol and “equal sign” Trump so that one is pretty clear. Hope they catch whoever did it.

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