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Grass Fire Burns In Moraga Sunday

Irvine Drive Fire. Photo: Krista Noce Cantu

An estimated 30+ acres of grassland burned in the area of Irvine Drive in Moraga Sunday with firefighters committing both aerial and ground assets in an effort to stamp out the blaze.

Fire district personnel reported the blaze appeared to have started when a resident in the area attempted to clear weeds from their property. It was not clear if the fire was sparked by a hand-held implement and spark, an open burn or by a spark thrown by a gas-powered device.

Several Moraga-Orinda Fire Prevention District apparatus responded to the scene shortly after the fire was reported at 5:54 p.m.

Eventually, helicopters from the East Bay Regional Park District and Contra Costa County Consolidated Fire Department were called in to make water drops on the blaze.

No evacuations were ordered and no structures were lost.


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