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Moragans, Oakley Resident Arrested In Human Trafficking Case Wednesday


From the Moraga Police Department:

MORAGA, CA – As a result of complaints received over the past few months regarding possible human trafficking and other illegal activity involving a residence in Moraga, the Moraga Police Department began an investigation into the allegations.  

Based upon information developed during the investigation, Moraga Police subsequently obtained a search warrant for a residence on Miramonte Drive in Moraga and arrest warrants for two subjects.  Information was also developed that both subjects may be involved in additional crimes both in Contra Costa County and San Mateo County.

On September 30, 2020, with the assistance of the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department SWAT team, the warrants were served and suspects arrested without incident.  Firearms and other evidence were seized during the warrant service. The following suspects were arrested and booked at the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez without incident:

Herbert Williams, 35, of Moraga (warrant – human trafficking, pimping, pandering)

Alexa Landa, 30, of Moraga (warrant – human trafficking, pimping, pandering)

Justin Lewis, 31, of Oakley (identity theft, possession of controlled substance)

Additional information about the case cannot be released due to the nature of the crimes.  The investigation into this incident is continuing.  Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact Moraga Police Detective Kevin Mooney at 925-888-7056.


  1. Perhaps they were not aware of local customs. Human trafficking has not always been illegal in the United States, so it’s not like it is etched in stone.

  2. Where they trafficking out of that residents on Miramonte or another location? Just happen to be living there or was that the place of prostititution????

  3. It seems like sketchy people have moved into higher income locations. Are they realizing the benefits of their crimes or just choosing to hide in plain sight?

      • Those old town homes happen to cost between 700K and 800K. So what are you trying to say? You don’t know if they were renting or anything else. Do you think this kind of crimes are only linked to “ poor people “

    • I grew up sketchy if that means poor, working class, a kid wearing hand-me-downs. Never went without food or love, though, so don’t feel sorry for me. Didn’t know how poor we were because everyone in our neighborhood was pretty much in the same boat. Now I live in Moraga, walking distance from those “old apartments and townhouses”, and you know I feel no fear when I walk that area. If you see me now, I am old and sketchy looking, don’t shave everyday, still don’t care much for dressing up for other people; if you see me approaching now, it’s OK to cross the street, I like to keep my distance too in this troubled time. But remember, Moraga is my home, too. My neighbors are a little higher-end now, but they are people, like people everywhere. Some will help you out in a pinch, and some will gladly take your car or your investment portfolio or your contributions to the local non-profit.

    • Yes. We had a large number of folks trying to access those stories at the same time. Absolutely the same stories.

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