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Concord’s Sun Valley Mall Closed By Police After Fighting Breaks Out Saturday

The Mall, in quieter times. Vintage postcard.

Reports of sizable groups of people fighting inside and outside Sun Valley Mall in Concord prompted a heavy police response and eventual closure of the shopping center.

Officers responded to the Red Robin restaurant location around 5:10 p.m. after getting reports of a group of between 20 to 25 people fighting outside. Police formed a skirmish line and were apparently able to push that group away from the center.

Reports of fighting inside the mall eventually forced shop owners to close their businesses and police and security personnel to make it official, declaring the mall closed and gently moving patrons outside to their cars.

It was not immediately known how many people were inside the mall when the fights broke out, who was fighting or why, or if any injuries were reported.

Emails sent to this site after it reported the fighting and closure lay the blame for the incident on a variety of positions, groups, and political interests – all of which we are ignoring until firsthand accounts can be verified.


  1. That’s the BEST mall! I was there December 23, 1985 when a small plane crashed through the roof near the Meet Santa display. There was no happy ending then either.

    • My cousin and Auntie was there in line to see Santa and me and my cousin were supposed to be there… that day changed our lives. My cousin almost died along with my auntie. She saved his life but I’m not sure she could’ve saved us all. It’s crazy how close we all got to being severely burned that day. My cousin and auntie were burned severely when a tree engulfed in flames by 2 fireballs that ripped through the mall on impact. Lots of people died and were burned. Sad day for Sun Valley. Unforgettable day for sure.

  2. It was behind Sears and Macy’s and at the Red Robin entrance. There were several police cars and Suvs. It was almost like they were prepared for something but it didn’t look like a protest to me. Mainly kids fighting.

    • “Bunch of morons ruining life for everyone and the economy”. We don’t need that, so, vote them out of office.

  3. I sure hope none of the parents or relatives of those teens rely on that mall for their livelihoods. Loathsome behavior.

  4. Was it gang related? News reports claim its a shut case w police. On YouTube there’s a recorded confrontation in the mall, or the aftermath, 2 years ago – which appears to be between some young girls.

  5. No protest though I see people are trying to spin it that way. I applaud this site for keeping things in perspective — which it has done several times now in critical situations. You don’t see that a lot. Just a bunch of punk kids trying to start trouble with everyone they passed in the mall. Definitely not needed right now.

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