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“So, What’d I See?” – In Pleasant Hill Saturday Night…

Photo: Pleasant Hill PD

We put out these alerts, see, and a lot of you get them and react to them and they’re real-time and informative and – apparently – often helpful for people.

But, since we don’t carry badges or actually type out the reports we can’t put a period on these newsy little snippets of life until the day after.

After we put this out around midnight Saturday:

BREAKING: PD stop carjacking vehicle, find gun in car, detain one – 2 others outstanding in area of Elaine and Suzanne. 

We put out an update that an additional two suspects, teens ages 13 to 15 years, had been detained and then we moved along to the next breaking calamity.

Until Pleasant Hill PD posted a couple of pictures from the scene and reported that the car of interest had allegedly been running from Antioch police when it crashed into a garage in Pleasant Hill and four teens were arrested on suspicion of carjacking – officers recovering a gun from the vehicle.

We had some folks ask about all the activity the following morning. So here you go. Remember, Flashers Get It First!


  1. These parents Or parent Should be accounted for why is your 13 or 15 year old out at nite and you not know where they are. Do better 😡

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